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19 days ago
Not a big fan of how the inlane plastics “hide” your ball. I despise that feature on any game that has them. Sounds are just ok. The upper playfields while being a cool idea just don’t add much to the game.

I compare this to a video game that it’s decent enough for you to play through it, but 25% through you know you will never try to beat the game twice. That is Halloween.
8 months ago
In the home environment it’s perfect. You can tweak the rules and make several outlane post adjustments to make this game play as hard as you like. Lots of things to go for. Best strategy for me is to pick something like secret stash or SMS to concentrate on. Lots of ways to approach the game.
11 months ago
A couple of really tough shots. Too bad it doesn’t have any movie or sound clips. That would have made it a lot better. Feels kind of repetitive going through all the paddocks. This game may be suited for better players. As an average joe I would pick other games to play.

Trex mech is great. Art could be better. I wish it had more of a pg 13 feel to it. I mean we are talking about dinosaurs eating people but no violence to be found in this game
11 months ago
Fun game to play on location. Not deep. Seems like it’s the same couple shots over and over again. I don’t think I’d ever own it. Not really sure why it’s ranked number 1 other than people feel the need to score it a 10 for god knows what what reason. It’s a cool game but in my opinion is not top 5 by any means.
1 year ago
I feel like multi ball should be an achievement. Unfortunately the high amount of multi ball just waters down the gameplay. If you are a big GNR fan this will not bother you as the sounds and lights make up for it. If you are just a casual fan this will not be a keeper in a small collection.

So now I have over 30 plays on the LE and SE. My original rating was 8.62. Now that I have a better idea what to shoot for, this game is AMAZING. The multi ball is done well. The shots are great and the scoop is pretty well placed despite my initial thought that the middle of the playfield sucks for it. It’s not as easy to hit as the scoop on Deadpool.

I was lucky to be able to play both the LE and SE side by side. I like the open look of the playfield on the SE better. I think it’s easier to hit the left orbit and ramp. But I do like the guitar lock very much. It doesn’t slow down gameplay much. In fact a slight pause is welcome in this game so you can collect yourself. It’s also easier to tell when you are ready to lock a ball. The light show is just a lot better on the LE. Head and shoulders. Yes the light show is great on the SE but the LE blows you away. No comparison. If the LE didn’t have the bass guitar rails going down the left side I think it would be better. It’s just a bit obstructive to my view of the left orbit.

With the better light show, artwork, powder coat, shaker, invisi glass, and exterior volume/headphone attachment I think the way to go is the LE.
1 year ago
Just an incredibly fun game that has a layout like none other. Some say the right ramp (for kitana lock) is clunky. What’s great is that as long as you hit the shot and it rattles away from going all the way and locking in the kitana handle, you are still awarded the shot (not the lock). You have to hit the shot clean to lock it in the handle. Which is the way I prefer my games. No easy lock balls for multi ball! There are 8 great shots. All of which are very satisfying. Easy game to learn and although the code is not super deep, there are lots to do and the game doesn’t get stale. Play for battles and quests, play for dazzler multi ball, complete the little Deadpool modes, go for ninja multi ball. The latest code 1.05 is great. Oh and the art and sounds....the best you will see and hear. Add a couple of spotlights on the slings.
1 year ago
I really wanted to love this game. I read up on the rules and watched all the you tube videos. I am just not a fan of the music and call outs. It feels like I am being read a comic book, which is what the designers intended, but I think it’s a letdown. I just don’t get pulled into the game like I do when playing JP. The Tony Stark voice is cringeworthy. No great animations, just some comic book style images.

Now with that said, the layout is nice and the shots are all smooth. I can see very long ball times happening once you get a feel for the shots. It’s hard to tell if the deep rules are enough to make this a long lasting pin in a home collection because the shots, although not super easy, are definitely easier to hit continuously in comparison to JP or TMNT. Maybe the pin I played wasn’t level but I did notice more SDTM drains than outlane drains.

The pro version feels like there is a lot of empty space. Maybe I hyped myself up too much. If the sound and animations were better this pin would be a top 5 all day because of the unique rules. My guess is that it will hang around the #10 spot.
1 year ago
Great pin for a home collection, especially if you have kids. Scoring goals is fun and once you figure out the rules and a strategy, the game can be very rewarding. The soccer ball adds crazy spin to the pinball and really speeds things up. There are only about 6 shots but you have to make them all and get good at them if you are to get to wizard mode. I really like playing a dead pass or two when the ball is ejected out of the free kick saucers, and shooting for a goal. It makes me feel like I’m taking a pass and kicking a goal. And It’s a great way to show off when it works!

The soccer ball is loud. At first it will drive you a little nuts but you get used to it. I loosened the two Phillips screws a little underneath the playfield where the motor attaches. I also squirted a little white lithium grease in the gear hole. Those two things quieted it down a bit.

The announcer is the same guy as NBA Fastbreak and NBA Jam video game. The call outs are never boring. A really fun game. Watch out for cracks at the top of the left ramp past the diverter. The color dmd looks great with this game.
1 year ago
It’s a good starter pin that is easy for anyone to walk up to and play. Not a lot that can break down and can be purchased for under $1,500. It’s fun but not deep at all. There just isn’t a heck of a lot to do. The right ramp shot feels great when you hit it. Not a lot of forgiveness if you miss the center ramp shot. Good pin for a larger collection. Fight the Road King!
1 year ago
This game is a no brainer if you are a WWF fan. Great DMD animations and although the quality of music isn’t great, hearing all the theme songs of the wrestlers is great. Upper playfield is fun to play and there are 3 shots up there! In fact, there are about 9 other shots to hit so plenty to do. Fast wide body with a a shaker motor.

Get rid of automatic multi ball on ball 3! Go into settings and Expand Adjustments. I thinks it’s number 12. Change the tournament setting from None to IFPA. You then need to turn on multi balls. Change the multi ball setting from “0” to whatever number you want. Now the extra ball will be awarded when you hit the Fuji shot. If you do not turn on extra balls this award will be 20 M instead. The other notable change when switching to tournament mode is at plunge, you will only get the same 3 choices all the time instead of the random options.

Lastly, since changing to IFPA I found that on balls 2 and three, the flashing mode will start on Light Extra Ball. This game is immensely better now and makes going for the wrestler shots worth it since you have to earn multi ball.

Cool mods I’ve seen/own are the alternate translight, color dmd, led speakers, and the color lcd titantron that plays all the wrestler’s entrance videos.

If there is one game where Pinsound is worth it, this is the game. Being able to customize the call outs and change the music to the actual entrance music is an incredible enhancement.
1 year ago
Fun, easy game to get in to. All skill level players will enjoy. Having 29 different high scores to beat always makes you feel like you have a chance to put your initials in, at least in a home environment. I think the scoring is great and unique.

Watch out for cracks in the hoop on the left ramp. Make sure blue rubber by Crazy Bobs is there and also the plastic defender.
1 year ago
Such a great flowing game. Long ball times. The doc ock shot is mesmerizing and always fun. Great family game that all ages can get in to. Battle Royale is great. I’ve never made it to super hero. Multiballs are fun and not too difficult to get, especially the first doc ock Multiball.