Noctua fans not great

By MattWesterville

August 08, 2022

54 days ago

I tried to add this to my own story but there's no option (as here) to publish it.

So I got two fans for two of my tables that ran hot because I upgraded capacitors or something. Some parts were toasty at 190F+. I ordered a generic and a noctua 5" fan to put at bottom of backbox. Noctua came without any instructions, not even a pinout (had 4 leads), nor a protective grille. I stupidity put it in while running and a fin hit a bolt and snapped off. No way to reattach it.

Anyhow the generic one came with guide, grille, and some bolts... it worked great and now stuff is under 140F.

Just spin it down before you squeeze it into place!

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15 days ago

>Buys wrong fan for application
>Plugs it in and turns it on before actually installing it
>Fan breaks because he didn't secure it before he plugged it in and turned it on
>Blames the number one air cooling pc fan company of all time for it breaking

You might want to take this down... this is not Noctua's fault...

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