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6 months ago
I've owned Mousin' for a few days but feel like i can provide a good rating.

Mousin' Around is quite a fast playing pinball when setup right. Has good flow. the mouse trap ball lock is one of the unique features of the pinball. Mostly fun because it plays pretty fast.
can be a bit hard for beginners but overall still a very good pinball.
1 year ago
one of the best pinball by mark Richie.
has some of the best the artwork and music for a pinball.
not as many modes as other dot matrix pinball's but whats there works well with the design.
the middle captive ball shot is hard to hit but satisfying .
neat dot matrix game mode where you shoot missiles at boats.
this game can be a bit hard but its a great one to play.
1 year ago
i'm not too crazy about gottieb pinballs but this is one that i did like.
it has decent sound effects and dot matrix animations.
maybe some modes are a bit unbalanced.
this is one of the better Gottlieb pinballs but also one of their last pinballs they made.
1 year ago
i don't like this as much as some other pinball machines.
Its still a good game but i found a bit difficult as you can shoot the ball just a bit off and lose it , so games don't tend to last too long.
But it very good artwork and the voice sound effects were great for the time.
the voice effect can get repetitive with it telling to " hit the 8 ball".
it got a upper left flipper to hit the 1-7 ball targets and is satisfying to eight ball target with it.
but overall this a good bally pinball from 1981.
1 year ago
One of Steve Richie's best.
The design still holds up as one of the best.
the use of sound effects make this have more of a story then other pinball's before it did.
the best skill shot use of the upper right flipper.
maybe the only thing that i don't like is the multi-ball jackpot carries over from game to game which takes a few games to build it to the max jackpot of 2 million.If you hit the jackpot again in the same game , it wont be worth very much.
1 year ago
i think pinball machine is pretty good.
But its also so hard to come by.
its worth a buy if like baseball theme pinballs but maybe not for people looking for a challenge because it is a bit on the easy side.

the design is done by Greg Kmiec who also designed other more well known pinballs such as Capt. Fantastic and The Brown Dirt Cowboy and paragon. The design is different then others with a reversed inlane/outlane on the right side and lack of left and right slingshots kickers in the slingshots so the ball just slowly bounces off the instead of shooting away into a target .I do like the targets in the middle that you hit that spell "HOMER'. You knock them down and it rewards runs which act as the bonus points. So most targets don't give much points expect to add runners to bases which hitting "HOMER" will reward those runs at 10,000 points per run.

I do like the skill shot flipper on the upper left.You can make the shot by hitting the loop on right with spiner to add runner then time it right to into the upper play field to lite grand slam homer.the often drops into the saucer hole which shoots it toward the upper left flipper for a difficult skill shot.

The artwork is more on the simple side but it still fits the theme well. The artwork is done by Doug Watson who also designed the Barracora and f-14 tomcat artwork.

This pinball was made in 1983 by bally. This pinball was made as an "economy" game, meaning that there wasn't a lot of extra money put into the game, neither in design nor promotion. Only 1'000 were known to be made.
2 years ago
A perfect game design from barry Oursler

-has petty much everything good from a early 80's pinball machine.
-has 3 ball multi-ball
-has two bonus multipliers that add up to a whopping max bonus of 725,000 points.
-DOUBLE lane change.
-has a fast right loop shot that can be worth 250,000 points when max out.
-very detailed backglass and playfield artwork.

maybe the only thing this lacks is that barracora does not have voice effects. Would have been neat the hear the faces of the unforgettable artwork on the back-glass just like the xenon pinball machine.
can be a bit complex at first for such a early pinball machine but thats what makes it so good.