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6 years ago
My favorite machine of all time! (That is, until I get a chance to play a Jackbot!)

I lvoe the layout, the theme, everything! I particularly enjoy trying to get his visor open on the first shot!
6 years ago

I adore this game! Although I am partial to the entire trilogy! BoP's rotating head mechanic and easy to grasp rules make it a winner for me.

I especially enjoy the dialogue between Bride and Pinbot, it's great!

BoP: "I can see!"
PB: "How do I look"
BoP: "You look good. Hahaha"
6 years ago

I love the way the genie says that!

This game is phenomenal! The challengers are not too difficult so with practice, even a novice like myself has a chance to defeat the genie!
6 years ago
Who the heck thought of a "tigersaw"?

Doesn't matter, it's still cool as all getout.

ToM is a solid game with a fun theme, give it a few coins if you get the chance.
6 years ago

I'm a big fan of AFM! I feel like it's just right as far as game mechanics and flow are concerned. The lights, art and sounds are stellar, although I have never been a fan of the way the actual martians look.

A great pin, only wish I could afford it!
6 years ago
I love MB! The theme, the setup, all of it! My personal favorite is the Frankenstein animation combined with the flashing lights on the playfield that work in-time with the buzzing of electricity.

Some of the sound effects get a bit repetetive (especially Bride!) but a rock solid title.
6 years ago
I really enjoy TZ. It has enough gimmicks to make it unique but not so many to kill it. My personal favorite is "The Power" mini playfield. Clearly labelled magnet-flippers are brilliant!