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1 year ago
This game is stunning! I have had a chance to play a premium on locations several times now…luckily work takes me to a community that has one… It compares favorably to all the recent “top” Sterns. Deep, but easy to understand rules are a big plus here. Very inviting to players of all skill levels. The callouts, with all the innuendos are light hearted and funny as hell!

All models of the game are stunning….and while very subjective, I think the LE with the purple cabinet art is beautiful…
1 year ago
Another awesome Elwin game… a little “drainy” at times but the shots just feel awesome. Some folks complain about the rules being too confusing… there is just so much going on and so many ways to tackle this game. Personally…I love it. Extremely fun figuring everything out! Own the Pro but play the Premium on location near me. Honestly, the game plays VERY similar. Cap Marvel ramp is awesome on Premium/LE but I feel the spinner on the pro is more consistent (less rejects) making it a bit easier to proceed in the game. You cant go wrong either way.
2 years ago
One of the best looking pins out there. Upper playfield is kinda “meh” and as others have said, be nice if Grogu did a bit more.

Shots are fun and challenging. I am sure rating will go up asbthe code develops. Its a great start.
2 years ago
This game has recently reinforced its place at the top of my list. So much so that I FINALLY purchased one. Once the “new” factor wears of some of the more recent releases that are in our collection (JP, Deadpool, Stranger Things) I always find myself going back to AFM. Luckily, our local barcade has had one for years.

The larger color DMD puts this one over the top. Its a classic and truly deserves its GOAT status on so many lists.
2 years ago
I love this game…played one at a place in Colorado… ended up purchasing a Pro model because of the $$..

It is a gorgeous game but I am a sucker for purples and blues. The UV lighting is flat out awesome. As long as the game is dialed in, which can take some doing, it is supremely fun.

The biggest thing for my friends and family is it is so easy to explain and understand. There have been many comparisons to AFM and that totally makes sense. Very similar…game plays fast and brutal at times.

We really liked the TK lock and projector… but decided that 2 grand or so increase in price could go towards another pin. The actual gameplay is near identical barring the ability to “swipe” a ball from the Telekinesis lock. Again, super cool.
2 years ago
This game is just a blast. Rules are easy to pick up on, shots are fair but challenging.... multiballs are pretty attainable.

My family is not a bunch of pinheads...we play just for our own entertainment. Went back and forth between the premium and pro. Ultimately we went Pro as it really plays darn near the same. Decided to use the savings to put towards a future pin.

That Katana shot... gold... pro or premium.
2 years ago
The hyperloop is flipping awesome... the rules and multipliers can get a bit overwhelming. We purchased the pro but after playing the premium on location really wish we would have spent the extra $$ for the premium.
2 years ago
Game is a blast...deep and challenging code but easy enough to grasp for newbs. We ultimately went with the Premium but could have easily lived with the Pro.
2 years ago
We owned this game for 3 years...was a dream theme for the family. Its a beautiful pin and captures the spirit of Star Wars. It plays fast and can kinda be a drain monster if you let it.

The only complaint I have is the ruleset and multipliers can be a challenge to learn and even more of a challenge to explain to others. Ultimately we let it go for a Jurassic Park Premium.
2 years ago
I played the pro and loved it... after reading all the comments saying how much better the premium played with the mobile T-rex and raptor pit I am very happy to have spent the extra loot on the premium. (That said, dont be afraid of the pro if the budget does not allow an upgrade...its awesome as well.)

The game is a challenge but shoots very fair. It will take quite some time for anyone in our house to progress to Escape Nublar... but the “just one more game” factor is huge on this one.
2 years ago
This has been the third Stern I have owned. In the simplest of terms... “its just fun!” Rules are easy to pick up on, shots are fair but challenging.... multiballs are pretty attainable.

My family is not a bunch of pinheads...we play just for our own entertainment. This is has turned into the go to game to just have a good time on. Guests always gravitate towards it.

That Katana shot... gold.

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