My First Pin 2012

Written by Matt1724 on May 2nd, 2012.


My First Pin 2012

Written by Matt1724, published May 2nd, 2012. No comments.

I've always loved pinball and seem to drawn to it everywhere the family goes,  the kids go one way and I find the closest pinball machine.    The Theatre of Magic has always been one my favorites and is on my wish list, as is Medieval Madness (of course).. I just love the humor and storming the castle.

Recently I downloaded an app by Bally's for my tablet and got to enjoy Medieval Madness, Theatre of magic,  Bride of Pinbot, Ripley's and a few others and I've been hooked....  I had to have a real machine in my house.

I searched and I bid and searched and bid some more, but and always lost..  Finally I found Twilight Zone that needed to be rescued from the street and was able to work a deal.  Starting off with what many consider to be a top 5 machine is just awesome and having played it the last two days straight I see why.... I love it.

Now I can't stop thinking of the mods I want to add, but for know I'm just going to enjoy it "as is" for a while...  ok....maybe I'll put the LEDs in it..and maybe a


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