CBC Story on Short Circuit Arcade

CBC Story on Short Circuit Arcade

By mathewrs

January 17, 2019

30 days ago

CBC came and interviewed my wife and I.

Attached is the story and video clip they made.



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28 days ago
Very cool story, and beautiful collection. Looking forward to checking it out some day. Are you ever going to consider an occasional date (maybe once a month) for walk-ons? That would be awesome for us loners! :)
27 days ago
That's really awesome!! Congrats!
27 days ago
Great stuff. That is some collection, especially for being here in Alberta.
13 days ago
Incredible arcade! I love it! Awesome job!

One question about the black lighting. I love it with your carpet, but I was considering doing this in my arcade and I ready that it would destroy the colors in the arcade machines and pinballs due to the UV light. I’m not sure if this is true, but just wanted to make you aware of it.
4 days ago
Great article! I'm starting something similar, (but on a much smaller scale) in CNY. Wishing you continued success!!

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