My Pin History

My Pin History

By MatadorMan

March 07, 2019

11 days ago

It all started Madison, WI when I was 15.  I was interested in electronics and frequented the Radio Shack in town.   A guy I knew there said he had a pinball machine that looked good with spaceman graphics that didn't work and I could have it for $100 delivered.   I took a chance and said yes, and the next thing you know I had a beautiful Gottlieb Target Alpha in the basement.  It didn't take me long to get it working and I was instantly hooked.  I bought another non-working but nice Gottlieb Bank Shot for $75 and fixed that one up as well.   This machine made me fall in love Gottlieb single player AABs and I still think they are the Gottlieb EMs from the 60s and 70s are best pinball machines ever made.   

But then I turned 16 and it was all about cars and girls, so I sold both my machines, took the $1000, and bought my first car.   I've recently picked my pinball hobby back up and now I own over a dozen Gottlieb single player AABs - include my beloved Bank Shot.   I feel they are the best EMs for home play and they all have low production numbers (<1000) which make them very collectible.   ItIt;'s rewarding to work on them and play them, or and just sit in my arcade and admire the gorgeous artwork from a nostalgic era gone bye.

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