Hi there pin-dudes!

Hi there pin-dudes!

By MasterMek

August 28, 2017

1 year ago

Based in R'dam I'm a pinball novice. We have a pinball museum overhere and I haven't even been there yet. I do like pinball though but my history is pretty short in comparison to some of you.

We used to have a Williams River Boat at home, back in the seventies. Until it broke down and became a storage table. My parents didn't know what else to do with it. Somewhere at the age of 10 I promised my mum I would make my own pinball one day. That wishfull thought stayed with my for over 30 years.

When I was young I played that pinball at home but the good old EM's were already considered slow and dull. During my teens I was busy doing other stuff and after that the modern machines were already to complicated form me to spend just a single quarter for fun. Unfortunately I missed the era of the first Solid States, in my opinion the best machines ever made. Simple and fast.

So, I didn't play many physical pinball machines and I remember only 2, except for the River Boat. There was a Gottlieb Victory at the soccer club. I suppose I was the only player because all highscores had my initials.
I also remember a Midway Mousin' Around! during a vacation with friends in France. This machine got really tired with us so it decided to break down and give free plays until we left. That was fun.

Then I met Crystal Caliburn from LittleWing Pinball. The one and only pinball game for the Mac. I'm still hooked after 18 years and I only played pinball in public places sporadically since then.

But that itchy thought about making my own machine never went away and somewhere around 2010 I discovered the micro computer which opened the door a little to do so. I started to collect information about pinball machines. How they work, what I like about it and what skill I would need to make this childhood dream come true. By now I think I know enough to overcome all the problems I will encounter so I hope to start my custom pinball project soon. In the meantime have to finish the reconstruction of my house first so I have some actual time and space for the project.

At least I have a donor machine already, neatly hidden in the corner of my garage. It is a Williams Flash. The former owner told me it wasn't working very well so I didn't bother putting the machine together to try it out. I bought it cheap before this little pinball revival I notice going on right now, mainly for parts and the cabinet itself. Later I found out Flash was the first pinball with background 'music'. I think it refers to that horrible noise it produces during play. It made me mute the youtube videos I watched. Glad I didn't turn it on for real...

It could take a while before I really start but this forum seems like a nice place to post my progress. I'll let you know!


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1 year ago
Hi. I hope you get around to making your custom machine.
1 year ago
Good luck with your custom machine! I have the same goal and plan to make my first machine using an Arduino.

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