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6 months ago
I thought after many years of being in this hobby that I had finally acquired most of the skills required to be a pretty good, albeit streaky player at times.

Then I bought a Flash Gordon and I was quickly humbled. This game will have you wondering if you really were as good a pinball player as you originally might have thought you were.

But that’s what makes FG a great game. Wonderful to look at, play it & makes you want to keep coming back for more abuse. And then at last you finally have that one great game and you get to laugh at Ming and taunt him for a change. It won’t last very long so enjoy the moment!
1 year ago
The best thing I can say about Bowl O is I have a kids pinball story we can all relate to when we had no money to play pinball for very long as young kids.

One summer during the early seventies there was one on location at Weirs Beach in NH where we’d go on annual family vacations for a week or two.

It was in beach garage arcade and the match feature was stuck on either 30 or 40. So basically you’d play the first couple of balls out, and if you thought you could beat the replay scores you’d play through. But if not, you’d tilt the game on the last ball when the last two digits landed on 30 or 40 and continued to play on.

The gameplay itself was decent enough for a 1970 pin. I recall it being a nice looking pin artwork wise.

And there’s my fifty years later Bowl O story…..
6 years ago
Finally found an El Dorado after a long search. This is the best p/f layout and ruleset of all the similar p/f games that Gottlieb produced. I had a Solar City before this and I didn’t enjoy it at all.

The reasoning is ED has better artwork and it’s a wedge head. It’s a stunning game to even just look at. The targets only reset after all targets are knocked down and the 5K rotating shot is very challenging. I put mine on three ball play and set it up steep so you must use all four flippers to play well. This is truly a “just one more game” title to own.
6 years ago
MH is a beautiful looking game and pretty fun to play as well. It looks like there’s only three or four things to do but you must do them a lot to succeed. Like all pins it must be tuned up and set up steep to play at its best.

It’s a fun simple to understand game produced at a time when pinball companies weren’t trying to put a bunch of ramps and toys on a game to try and spice them up.
6 years ago
Picked up a FP for a good price but more importantly I then had it restored. I was lucky as the p/f (most originals are trashed) is nearly perfect. I added a new PP backglass and now it looks great.

Playing this pin is a total “hair on fire” experience. We added the new FP Roms (a must!) and it makes a good game, a great one. Yes it will frustrate you at times. But isn’t that why we play pinball? The challenge to win an extra ball (specials are useless for HUO play) and achieve multi ball is very satisfying if accomplished. Great sounds and lights add to the madness. If you can keep a ball in play long enough I guarantee your BP goes up as well. A classic that stands the test of time.
6 years ago
This is a really fun and challenging AAB wedgehead. I’ve had one for a couple of years and still enjoy it. It looks easy enough, until you play it. Shooting the targets in sequence and lighting the rollovers is not as easy as it looks. The ball can also roll back on you and drain quickly out the sides.

I must add that I was recently considering selling it because the games were lasting far too long. I had it on five ball play with 60k and 110k as AAB qualifiers. My HS was 809k and I played like 25 balls. I then decided to switch it to three ball play and make the AAB scores 90k and 140k instead. Boom! Totally challenging game now and it’s staying. A lesson to all of us. Don’t sell a game you think you’re sick of until you make the rule set much harder. It could change your mind on whether to sell it or keep it instead.
6 years ago
Worked out a deal for a QD and pounced on it quickly as the seller was having second thoughts. I can see why he wanted to keep it. This is why GTB ruled the EMs in the seventies. Fast, fun and colorful. Multiple ways to score but a tuned up steep game will challenge you and bring you back for more. Real glad to have found a QD.
7 years ago
I bought a Meteor mostly because it was a Classic Stern. I am pleasantly surprised at just how great of an actual player this game is. Set up steep, with the p/f cleaned and waxed this table plays very fast. A drop target lovers dream, it also has cool art and the background sounds fit the theme. A good ball can bring out the slightly annoying high pitched sound but hey that means you're playing well. Ripping the spinner when fully lit is a very satisfying shot. I thought I might play it a year or so and rotate it out but it's been nearly two years now and I have no intentions of selling it anytime soon. Great game that everyone loves to play when visitors come by.
9 years ago
Great two player game from GTB. Fun and challenging with bright colorful artwork, I played this a lot as a kid and finally found one to buy and brought it in. The game lives up to the memories much to my delight.

Set it up steep. wax the p/f and put orange dot coils on the flippers and get ready for a wild bumpy ride! This game will test your skills, It looks wide open and easy but it is not, Screams just one more game. Hard game to find but well worth the search.
10 years ago
Totally addictive and fun EM. The back box red ball animation puts this game over the top IMO. Without that it would be a good but not great game

Much like bowling the best shot is the spinner up the middle. Hit that dead center and the bonus balls crash down in the BG. Collecting bonus while ball is still in play at the upper red hole is a real nice feature. Artwork bright and colorful and of course the great GTB chimes.

I've had mine for over 3 years and I have limited space but I just can't seem to convince myself it's time to rotate Top Score out. Very Addicting game!
10 years ago
Wow. Strap yourself in it's time to play Nine Ball! This game was way ahead of it's time for 1980. From the moment you plunge the ball into play it's serious game on. Steve Kirk and Stern offered up a table with drops galore, a nicely placed hanging spinner. An upper left horseshoe lane and more.

Ball speed is fast faster and fastest! Multi ball is the frosting on the cake. Great sounds. Artwork and rule set. Mine needs some p/f touch ups but the games a definite.keeper. One negative on Nine Ball is the switches have to be totally dialed in and the MPU must have the latest roms or the game loses track on multi ball on how many balls are left in the captive ball area.

One thing on NB. The pricing is all over the place. I might have overpayed a bit for mine but it's a hard game to find and a nice example can be 2 k or a project can be 300.
10 years ago
Nice relaxing game with a lot of fun added in. Sure it's a shoot the drop targets game and not much else but this is when pinball was simple and not like the overpriced junk they call pinball today.

I looked at a Team One and an Abracadabra and bought the TO instead because of the AAB factor, if it's just looks Abracadabra wins hands down. But I love the AAB rules better. And you're always trying to hit the lit drop target for 5k versus the 500 point ones.

Two important things to do if you buy a Team One. First set it up as steep and challenging as possible and most definitely set it for three ball play or you will have half hour games with 500k points and get sick of it quickly. Three ball play and a steep slope can lead to quick challenging games!

650 made. I have a nice example and someone will want it after me. But for now it's play on player and have fun with Team One.

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