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Pinsider Maskell has rated 27 machines.

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Maskell has written 25 rating comments:

32 days ago
Overall good game. If you aren’t into GnR, it might be a turn off, but the game is definitely worth a spin. The drain outs can be very frustrating when trying to hit the skill shot. Not sure how to fix that. Love the light show, it gives a real concert feel. I like many Guns and Roses songs, but it can get a bit old. The gameplay mostly makes up for it. Overall good release
63 days ago
For the value versus the LE and the features versus the Pro, this game hits all the marks. The way the T-Rex throws the ball is great if you have that turned on. Much better looking Dino than the DE T-Rex. newton ball spinning Jeep is a great add. Great game that’s not as brutally fast on new players as Maiden.
3 months ago
Great looking and playing game, but lots of issues with new out of box. Diverted ramps with the van broke the ramp on one friends machine and the color of the playfield was awful on another. Everyone I know that got this game has had issues. Once you play it, it’s fun, but the issues greatly take away from enjoyment wondering what’s going to break next
8 months ago
Stunning game but a little clunky to figure out. A bit much going on for public play setting but satisfying for home use. Great Backbox stuff. Helps if you really like the movie. Certainly would buy a new car over the inflated price of this machine, but it’s still quite good
9 months ago
Matt (39 years old) - Fun callouts and smooth shots. Color DMD and shaker are so worth it. Loved Attack from Mars, and the trolls and damsel shots are an upgrade. Clever theme, naming and playfield art. Eddy definitely had a formula. But it works for me.

Gram (6 years old) - it is the favorite game we have. you have to hit the castle three times to open the gate. There is Merlin magic.
1 year ago
Like this game a lot, but a lot to keep running 100% from locations I’ve played. Love the ship. Like any game with multiple releases, it can be a bit redundant, but this is the best of the POTC franchise.
1 year ago
Enjoyed this game! I like the original more, but it’s a good edition. Good modes and pretty deep game. Left a little to be desired from difficulty but I’d say pretty replayable. Miss really having the movie artwork in the design as much as the OG. Update. Played this lore and enjoy it more
1 year ago
The most replay value of any game I’ve owned. Very deep for its release date. My kids LOVE when you get the power ball out. Had a friend recommend doing all power balls for full in craziness!
1 year ago
I love this game. Play super fast and has a lot of satisfying ramp shots. My only major complaint is some of the wear you can get around the magnets, but that might just be because the one I own was on routed before I got it. Always challenging and good bash item in the middle of the playfield
1 year ago
Fun game. Sort of like addams family lite. Lots of great modes. My kids love it when T-Rex eats the ball
1 year ago
Great System 11 title. Iconic theme music. Great speech and effects. The star of the show is the fan beacon. Maybe the best functional topper in pinball. Replay is high and essentially has one of the first that I know of Wizard Modes. Spinners are fun. Lawlor is a genius
1 year ago
Pretty much everything you can fit in a machine. And from my favorite designer! Replay value is high and new discoveries around every corner. Wish it was easier to track one down
1 year ago
Not crazy playing this game. Don’t get the hype. Sound makes a buzzing vibration on the glass. Overall not my favorite
1 year ago
Really nice feeling solid shots, but to me played more like an EM machine than the more modern machines that I enjoy. Easy game to pick up and play, but not one I would want to own
1 year ago
This game is fun, smooth, fast, Funny, it checks all the boxes. Love the artwork, and the extra large screen and animations are great. For a game of this caliber, special edition is a great value because it has the big HD DMD, shaker with lit speaker panels and other little upgrades. Not sure I’d paid the extra $600 or so just to have the topper as the other next level upgrade
1 year ago
Great machine- but feels a little dated. Still great, but I like some of the shots on Madness more. Trolls give MM the edge.

Easy for a beginner to pick up or pretty deep for experienced player. It’s funny, its artwork is great and kids love it
2 years ago
Simple but deep rule set and shots. Great ramps. Fun themes. Feels a little chauvinistic at time in this day and age, but sort of harmless. Love this game so much. Hearing the same three songs gets repetitive
3 years ago
Not a great game overall. See these around a lot
3 years ago
Great pitch and bat, and I believe the last one to have the holes in the playfield like the woodrail P&Bs. Great animations of the baserunners. THe one I owned pitched a little fast, and the "curveball" was just an unhittable pitch. Overall great though
3 years ago
Pretty straightforward EM. Pretty playfield with nice shots. Not a ton of replayability, but not the worst EM either. It benefits from a nice patriotic theme
3 years ago
Great game with beautiful art. Only downside is that the only game sounds are really just a repeated pulsing. Which does fit the game nicely, but doesn't really enhance your experience. Probably the best widebody of that era I've played
3 years ago
If you love pitch and bats, this is a great modern addition. Even better it offers head-to-head play. Probably not for serious pin-heads, but great for family and bros hanging out. I have owned two of these. Super fun game
3 years ago
Fast and fun game. Love the art and the story behind Steve's design. Good learning curve heavily dependent on timing. Play it over and over again. You'll want to make sure the game is adjusted properly and regularly waxed to keep it fast and the shots clean
3 years ago
My first pin, and a really fun game that I've found to have lasting power. THe music gets repetitive, but the multiballs are fun, and there are several Easter eggs. Been a great a nd durable machine, too
3 years ago
Vastly underrated game. Great theme that ties nicely to the movie. Art is great, and the bright colors really pop. THe crane is a fun element, and lots of ramps to hit