Time Machine!

Time Machine!

By martyspain

June 22, 2011

6 years ago

I grewup playing Pinball machines. I worked at a local golf driving range which had a arcade room the early 1970s. Many machines were the analog points displays, you know "clank, clank, clank, ding ding! Several baseball games and the like. One day I went to another Arcade room in the 1980s and played Data Easts' "TIME MACHINE".

I became hooked on this machine, the music, changing from the 80s all the way back to the 50s, and "Timewarp! This machine has multiball play and when all 3 balls are locked in on the slide, the chimes would go off and all 3 balls would converge on the flippers!

I had not played pins for awhile until this year in Las Vegas at the Pinball Hall of Fame. There I spied my Time Machine! I said to my self, okay I have to have this machine. I went on line and found one locally to me. I checked it out and I bought it! It is great!

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6 years ago
Way to go full circle martyspain!
I love those stories...
6 years ago
you must of seen some great pinball machines at that golf range back in the 70s- good luck on your first pin

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