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1 year ago
Shoots great. Awesome artwork. Music is good. Callouts are 50/50, some great (Thanos, Ebony Maw, Black Panther) some not so great (Iron Man, Captain America, Captain Marvel). The rules, while really well thought out, are what hinders this game for the majority of players IMHO. It’s just that one degree too far in complication that the top 5% of players may enjoy, but that will leave the rest of us scratching our heads. You may not need to know what all the gems do, and how to use them, and which Avengers they work best on to play the game, but you’ll never be able to exploit them like the top 5% do for the big scores either. To paraphrase Dr. Ian Malcolm; Your (Rules Designers) Were So Preoccupied With Whether Or Not They Could, They Didn’t Stop To Think If They Should.
1 year ago
Simple, fast, fun, fan layout. No over-complicated rule sets here. Everything you need to know is on the playfield or apron. Family-friendly, but actually funny, callouts. Music and sound effects are AWESOME! Bright and colorful artwork is true to the theme. Biggest downsides are that it’s a little dark (owing to the 100% RGB lights including GI), and it can be a little clunky.
6 years ago
Great tournament game. Simple rules with enough variation to keep it interesting. People seem to either love the sound or hate it. I feel under the LOVE camp. I love the early 4 bit sounds of early solid state pinball and video games. The use of the increasing-pitch drone is brilliant. It really amps up the stress factor when playing; similar to the Gorgar heartbeat. While she won't win any beauty contests; the gameplay is where this pin shines. I still feel that had the regular bumpers at the top? of the playfield been? pop bumpers, it would've? elevated this pin from "classic" status to "must-own" early solid state.
6 years ago
Simple but addictive. Great example of the "just one more" factor. Easy to roll, but they addressed that with the "Over the Top" backbox light and buzzer. Great color scheme and beautiful backglass make it stand out in a lineup. Nice departure from the "pointy people" Christian Marche is known for. Always fun to rip the spinner!
7 years ago
Damn you, OUSLER!!!! I'm sure many a pinhead in the know have hollered this phrase. Everything you've heard about this title is probably true. It's a drain-monster. It's a one sided game. It's a gorgeous work of art! All true! Somehow, this title is more than the sum of it's parts. Probably one of the most iconic machines ever. While it could have benefited from a right ramp/left flipper shot, there is enough to shoot for to keep things interesting. The art package is awesome! Great theme! How can you not like giant, robot, space pinball as a theme? I certainly can't! My biggest gripe is, like many system 11 games, it that it has a cumulative jackpot. I can see the benefit for arcade use, but it leads to unfair/unbalance scoring in home or tournament use.
7 years ago
BEAUTIFUL GAME! That really should be the headline for any review of WOZ. JJP said they wanted to raise the bar for pinball machines and that's exactly what they did. this machine screams quality! The art is gorgeous, the hardware is solid, and the LCD is a long overdue addition. The theme is one of the best integrated of any machine. I'm no WOZ super fan, I enjoy the film for what it is, but I'm happy to say the music and callouts never seem hokey or annoying to me due to the association. Great code, very deep, but easy to understand after a few games. It might be slightly intimidating to novice players. Interesting modes available due to upgraded technology such as "No Hold Flippers" and "Weak Flippers are welcome additions. The only minor flaw is that some of the shots feel a bit difficult/unnatural, the wizard saucer and crystal ball spinner being the primary examples. Unless you have absolutely NO TOLERANCE for the theme, this is a must play for any pinball enthusiast!
7 years ago
There is a reason that this machine is the best selling of all time, and that reason is re-playability! While not an exceedingly deep game by todays standards, this one definitely set the ball rolling in terms of having several clearly defined goals to reach the "wizard" mode. The shots "feel" good, the callouts are excellent, the goals are clearly defined, the DMD is well integrated, and while it's certainly not impossible to complete all the modes - it's no walk in the park either. That being said, the best thing about the game to me is the feeling that every mode feels obtainable. Nothing ever feels frustrating or unfair but nothing ever feels boring or repetitive either. All due praise should go to Pat Lawlor and Larry DeMar for their excellent work on this game.

The only cons I can think of are really a product of the times the game was produced in comparison to the machines of today. I usually fall in favor the machines in these instances. For example, game depth, sound effects, and general sound quality might not be up to some peoples liking; but given the year these were made in in I think its just fine, impressive even.

Despite everything I've said above, one major problem I have with the game is I feel they are generally overpriced/overvalued. I understand why they are priced the way they are, but with the number produced, general condition of an average machine, and the advances of newer games; I can't see paying $4,000-5,000 for one. Nearly the same as a brand new NIB machine! Again, this is just my opinion.
11 years ago
Fast and furious! A well-balanced, even scoring, brutal game. Neat toys ( Iron Monger, whiplash magnet, War Machine kickback), fast ramps, and BRUTAL drains. Art work looks like some of the cheapest, slapped together, photoshop stuff that STERN's ever done though (and that's saying something). The overall build FEELS cheap although I can really say if it is or not. But the PLAY is super FAST and FUN! I've had alot of "just one more time" and "I almost had it" moments on this machine. So in summary, Gameplay/toys 8.5/10 - Aesthetics/build 5/10.
11 years ago
This is my very first pin ever purchased! It was a conscious and debated decision to be sure. I wanted a pin that had well-balanced shots, an easy to learn ruleset, most of your now expected features (pop bumpers, ramps, drop targets, multiball, etc), and that wouldn't break the bank! This game delivers on all those fronts. It's not the most graphically pleasing theme, and the characters can make it seem dated, but the gameplay is outstanding. Recommended!
11 years ago
One of the first games that got me reinterested in pinball. I've always had a ongoing flirtation with pinball (thanks to my dad the pinball wizard) growing up; but never really got to play pinball with much frequency. Then one day this POTC pops up in my local Chuck E Cheese. The fact it's only one token to play combined with the newness (see working) of the machine; I was able to put in a decent amount of time on the machine and for that I'm indebted to it. Other than that, I pretty much agree with all that's been said previously.

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