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8 months ago
I did not want to give this game a knee jerk reaction so I decided to play it for a while and give an honest review. Let me start by saying I am aware of the chipout from the loose posts and some spots where the ball can get stuck. I got the washers for the posts and you have to check them to make sure they dont get loose. That said I will never sell this machine. This is the greatest pinball machine EVER MADE! The Replayability is endless and the light show is the best there is. I am a master auto tech and understand that the nicest machines require maintenance and that goes for pinball as well. The only way I would sell is to upgrade to a CE. Jersey Jack really out did themselves with this. The musicial instrument themed playfield is just, just great. There are so many shots and it doesn't feel cluttered. Shots are flowy and exciting. The Song modes are truly a wonder to behold and I crank the sound every song. The other modes like desert race, carnage, and Do you want to play a game are just the best. I am a Musician, I like GnR, and I'm a Gen X'er so that might make me biased but I don't care. Go ahead and flag this review I don't care. This is the absolute best and I bet will one day be very valuable.

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