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6 years ago
It's basically a $6009 EM
6 years ago
Out of the box, the fame has got to have the worst lighting ever. It literally works against you go mess you up. No a dark room the game is unplayable due to flashers used instead of spotlights.
6 years ago
The software makes this game. It's some of Lyman's best work to date
6 years ago
So much better than BOP but it still didn't last too long in the collection.
8 years ago
With dwights latest code, this becomes a gem.
9 years ago
Xmen LE is one of the most beautiful games I have ever seen. From the cabinet to the backglass to the hand drawn art on the PF and finally the lighting. The light show is fantastic. My bally/williams games really are looking dated compared to this.

As far as play, it has decent shot flow - lots to do with the upper flipper and decent variation. It's loads of fun.
10 years ago
This game is extremely under rated. The sounds and music are very engrossing. And the rules are quite fun and challenging. The shot map is fairly fun.
10 years ago
This game is so under rated. Maybe because the rules were so bad when it first came out. Lyman finished it 2 years later. The shots are all satisfying. A few are very tight. You get great Steve Ritchie flow, constant hurry ups that fit the theme well, tons of multiball. The only bummer is the artwork.

Steve Ritchie + Lyman Sheats. How can you go wrong?
10 years ago
So fast and fun. Flow is amazing. Perfect feel for the theme.
10 years ago
Dracula is eerie and fun! Implements the theme very well. I recommend playing in a dark room. Not a game for beginners. It's not really that fun unless you are able to stack the multiballs and score big.
10 years ago
The problems with transformers are all in the ruleset. It's simply too hard to actually get anywhere. First, point scoring is horrible. Multiballs are not worth much at all. Most points come from completing the modes. Completing the modes is actually a lot of fun. Unfortunately, you have 10 shots to make in some 30-45 seconds (depending on the difficulty level). This is a very short amount of time to complete 10 shots. Further, if you lose the ball, the mode is lost. If the time expires, you lose the mode. Finally, you get nothing for starting the mode. This is the only game that gives you nothing for starting a mode. Take tron, for example. If you start each mode but do not complete it, you get sea of simulation instead of portal. At least it's something. Star trek, you can still get final frontier but without the crystals it's not worth much. Monster bash, you can get monster bash but not monsters of rock. Etc, etc.

If the time was removed on the modes and the losing the ball removed, the game would probably be pretty fun. Probably a simple SW change that will never happen.
11 years ago
Not a game for beginners - this one is all about ball control. If you just smack the ball around, this game owns you. Really fun once you get better at pinball though.
11 years ago
A must have for anyone with a collection. The game is fast moving and the monitor really adds a lot to it. I guess you either love or hate Pinball 2000. I love it. Too bad there aren't more like it.

I played AFM a bit and found these games to be very similar. While the RFM is a bit smaller play field, the video aspect adds to the excitement and interest in the game.
11 years ago
The ringmaster is great. A really nice touch. But other than that, it's a bit limiting on the shots. The game is also fairly difficult compared to some others.
11 years ago
This game is amazing. The flow is fast, the sound is great, the extra flipper adds to the game, the game is fun. The artwork is the best I've seen on any Stern title. It's got many hard shots but is also good for beginners. This game is under estimated. Should be in the top 5.
11 years ago
Very good for beginners. Sound is fun and exciting.
11 years ago
Rule set is so deep. With a pro sub it sounds amazing. The ring shot choreography is some of the coolest I have ever seen in any game.