My First Machine - Gottlieb's Sunset (62)

By Markharris2000

April 01, 2021

44 days ago

I don't remember all the details, but I was living in New Jersey at the time and my parents were socially connected to a route operator who lived down the street. I remember him coming over to our house one day and offering my parents a Sunset machine for free. Apparently the cabinet had been pretty badly beaten up on location, and he didn't want to leave it on route as the cashbox was not securable any longer. The details are random, but I remember my dad cutting a piece of playwood for the side, painting the whole cabiunet with rust-colored  house paint, and then adding a 'free play' button by drilling a hole in the cabinet to the left of the coin-door. It was a simple pushbutton that was wired in parrallel with the coin chute micro-switch. Pushing the button added a play to the mechanical credit meter. The game itself was unremarkable, with the exception of the mid-field captive balls targets. The goal to get a 'special' was to hit all of the balls from one side of the feature and force them to the other 'lighted' side. Kind of a feature I guess.  I also remember breaking the glass and mis-measuring the width by 1/8" for a replacement piece. I spent weeks trying to SAND the width of the glass... only to give up and use wooden shims to widen the width of the machine itself!!! (I guess buying a new piece of glass was not part of my learning since I was not even 10 years old). Not sure what ever happened to that machine.... but I guess it's no longer playable.

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