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2 years ago
Very fast game but the pace is ruined by the glove, unfortunately.

Great game though, even if the scoring is a bit imbalanced (get spinner millions going and you can get a humungous score!).
2 years ago
Fast, brutal, bright and intense, with a simple rule set that's hard to master.

Vault Edition looks stunning with all LED's.

One of Stern's best efforts, a classic for sure. Owned mine for nearly two years now.
3 years ago
Highly enjoyable game, and underrated too should be top 50. Great rules, lots of modes, achievable wizard mode but not too difficult that you never see it, one of Wiliams' better games.
3 years ago
Never considered this game before, but I played one the other week and I enjoyed it so I bought one.

I'm amazed that it only just breaks the top 300, it's a blast to play, great fun and very challenging.
4 years ago
Bought this game a month ago, nice looking game. First thing I took the huge hideous clear plastic shield off, the ship looks much better without it.
The ship is one of pinball's greatest toys, but it's a little too easy to hit.
It's a very stop and go game, the Tortuga spinning thing really slows the game down.
Completing the compass for 4 winds multiball I have yet to do but it does seem do-able, not sure I will accomplish this before I get bored of the game though!
The pirates theme is well done, but links to the films are tenuous. With such huge licence potential, it's a shame that most of the callouts are done by a Johnny Depp soundalike (although he is pretty good!), but where are all the other characters?
Overall a good game, fun for novices and challenging for pros. Could've been a lot better though, seems like a bit of a missed opportunity.
4 years ago
Just bought a Premium, it's a beautiful machine, light show is fantastic, sounds great, very fast game. Ticks every box for me even though I'm no Trekkie.

I think this could well be Stern's best game yet...but will have to see if it has the lastability when the honeymoon period is over!
4 years ago
Way ahead of it's time...a shame this game just missed out on getting a DMD. Rudy is a brilliant toy, never been bettered. On the down side, gameplay and rules can get repetitive.

Would love to add this to my collection along with TZ and TAF, Lawler's 3 classics.
4 years ago
Had this game on loan from a friend for a few months now, at first I wasn't that impressed, but the more I played the better it got. Playfield is very cluttered making some shots very difficult. Move Your Car is a great mode to boost your score if you get it right. Multiball is very challenging, keeping 2 balls in play is difficult and the only ball save is a difficult snack bar hurry-up shot, getting the jackpot is hard but very rewarding.
The animations are great, especially in colour!
A challenging and fast game, keeps you coming back for more, pity there's no 3 ball multiball.
5 years ago
This game is so much better than I expected. Very fast game with excellent flow. Loads of features: large spinning ball, rollover switches, magna save and shooting at the moving goalie doesn't get old, especially during multiball.

Gameplay is up there with the A-listers but the artwork and theme lets it down.
5 years ago
My favourite game of all time. Sound effects, music, call outs and animations are second to none.
Powerball is great adding a bit of variety to the gameplay.
Mini playfield with magnets operated by the flipper buttons works really well.
On the downside, bumper field is too close to the left drain, skill shot feeds straight into the bumpers so with a very stingy ball save it's too risky to attempt.
"don't touch the door don't touch the door don't touch the door..." lovin that intro to multiball.
LITZ just tops off what is an absolute classic!
5 years ago
My first pin and will most probably be the last to go.
Very addictive game, keeps you coming back for more.
Full LEDs and a Color DMD make this machine one of the best looking out there.
Music is a little repetitive, but the call outs are pretty good, very tongue in cheek, you don't have to be a fishing fan to get it.
Best video mode ever - "hey Bob look waterskiers!".
Word of advice: don't go for the captive ball unless your in multiball or
autocast is still lit good chance it will go SDTM. Multiple boat shots followed by Monster fish are easy points but one miss and good chance you will drain. Best strategy is to go keep going for casters club get 3 multiball jackpots then light Super Jackpots 100 million for every captive ball shot!