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May 12, 2010

12 years ago

Competitive pinball rocks!

I've played in tournaments around Europe (EPC 07&09, IFPA 6 etc) for some years and I'm also planning to attend PAPA some year in the near future. I'm the president of Finnish Pinball League, that gathers about 20 players around Finland to compete six times a year.

My collection of machines keeps changing all the time, although there are some definite keepers too (AFM,MM). I'm always searching for games that are seen in competitions but which I haven't yet played at home. Since my first game (CFTBL) in 2006 I've had more than 20 machines at home.

I have a webpage devoted to my pinball hobby at address http://pinball.dy.fi. It's mostly about the machines I've owned and events I've been to, but there are some stories about machine fixing and cleaning also. The page is in Finnish only, but I'm planning to start a FIN/ENG website devoted mostly to competitive pinball at address pinball.fi

UPDATE Nov10: pinball.fi has been up and running for some months and will be continuously updated in the future with all kinds of things about competitive pinball.

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12 years ago

Must be cool going up against some great competition in tournaments.
nice web page marble- one day I'd like to put a web page together but not sure how I want it to look.

12 years ago

Let us know when your ENG website is up, marble. Great site, and a ton of killer pins. In the meantime, welcome to Pinside!

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