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3 years ago
This game is simply fantastic. Nearly perfect actually in every important way. JJP knocked it out of the park.

I was a naysayer. I thought it would be all Bling and no Bite... it’s an incredible package.
6 years ago
Perhaps my all time fav pin. At this point, if I only had one pin, TWD Pre/LE would be the one. Horde might be the best Wizard Mode in all of Pinball
9 years ago
Take down the monkeys!!!

My first EM, and a revolution of sorts for me. Though I always had an appreciation for the beauty, and simplicity or EMs, I never thought I'd want to own one.

This game is a wonderful palette cleanser between white knuckle modern DMD (and LCD) games.

Chimes are beautiful. Playfield colours are sweet. If you get a chance, get your hands on a Jungle Queen.
9 years ago
This is one of few early SS games that I truly covet. I played an immaculate version at Stu's Emporium and couldn't get enough of it. Love the inline drop targets. Simple yet engaging rules. Very satisfying shots and a really rewarding bonus tally at the end of balls. When you get this machine Rockin, it feels like it's preparing to blast off!! Really great pin.
9 years ago
I love this theme, and the integration of it in this pin. The biggest reason this pin suffers in my ratings is the Wolverine bash toy. The proximity to the flippers effectively cuts off the entire upper left side of the playfield leaving you with not much to do with your lower right flipper aside from trying to backhand it up to the upper right. This machine has it's champions for sure. Some love it. I wanted to love it, as I'm a total comics nerd. I was actually thrilled to find it was based to he comics, and not the films. This machine gets a lot of things right, but ultimately falls short in the most important way for me. Layout.
9 years ago
Mist Multiball!!!! One of the coolest game mechanics in all of pinball. So awesome. This game is notoriously tough. There is NO wizard mode, so if deep rule sets are your thing, this may not be your game. It's all about stacking Multiballs to maximize jackpots. It has a great layout with very satisfying ramp combos. It's an basic but challenging machine. Those who love it, LOVE it. Those who don't love it... Haven't played it yet!
9 years ago
I did not expect to love Tron as much as I do. I got a sweet deal on a Pro model, and thought it was a low risk acquisition. Then I started modding it out like a fiend. This game is the ultimate bling machine. You can add a TON of tasteful mods to it, and they all look as though they belong there. Eli Ramps, Lightcycles, Rectifier, etc etc. If you like modding, this machine is a dream. What really made me love this game though, is the way you work towards Sea of Simulation, and ultimately Portal. It's a really unique rule set. You must at least START each of the none modes to reach SOS, and then that precursor Wizard mode allows you to try to fill in all the blanks, and set up to attain Portal. It's a very cool concept. Once you get there, and require 75 shots to complete the modes, you realize you need to be a lot more diligent about completing your modes along the way. If you can make it to SOS with only a few inserts left flashing, you know you have a shot at Portal. Making there is a GREAT feeling. Very rewarding. So glad I picked this one up. ATTACH A SUB to this machine. It simply brings this pin to life. All the low end Daft Punk music will explode through the sub. In my opinion, it's the most important mod you can do to this machine, followed closely by Eli's Ramp Mod.
9 years ago
This machine is a game changer for the industry. JJP pulled off something really incredible with WOZ. It's beautiful, and very impressive. It draws in non-pinheads in a way that I've never seen another pin do. I don't think that's JUST about the LCD either. It's just SO bright, and shiny! My only criticism of this game is that there is very little flow to it. Flow shots, and fast combos are very important to me, and this game almost completely lacks that. It's much more clunky. Stop and start kind of action. The depth of the rules is absolutely mind-boggling. Destroying the Witch is an amazing feeling. The entire machine transforms in to a green seething threat... It's really something to experience. It's akin to Kilngon Multiball on the STLE, until you play it for yourself, you have no idea how immersive it actually is. I feel lucky to have this one in my collection, but a don't play it a softie as I thought I would. The speed, and excitement of MET and STLE keep grabbing my attention.
9 years ago
Though I'm not even remotely a Metallica fan, this is my favourite pinball machine on the planet. Donny nailed the art package. Borg nailed the layout. Lyman nailed the rules. It's a triple threat. Though people swoon over ACDCs complexity, I think MET is the perfect balance of fun, and depth. I wouldn't hesitate recommending this pin to anybody. I'm sure many would avoid it due to the band... Do not!!! It's a near perfect experience in my opinion.
9 years ago
Brutal outlane drain monster. I highly recommend the pinbits metal lane extenders. I heard somewhere that even Steve Ritchie recommends them conceding that the original design was a bit crazy. Beautifully integrated theme. Amazing use of custom voice work by many of the actors. It's pretty hard to beat Patrick Stewart's "All Hands prepare for Multiball", pronounced with his amazing accent as Mul-Tie-Ball.
9 years ago
Bias alert. I'm a huge fan of the books, and the films. This was a dream theme for me. The callouts are fantastic, especially Gimli's custom callouts. Mood is fantastic. This game manages to feel transformed when you launch new modes. The shots are all mode specific with a huge amount of variety. Hunting Wargs feels completely different from battling Saruman. The main point about LOTR is that it's SO DEEP. I've owned this game since about 2004, and I've never made it to the final wizard mode. For players with moderate or above skill, this is a game with LONG ball times. There are some great combos to be shot, and completing some modes requires them. They are tough under pressure. This is the machine I've played more than any other in my collection, and likely the one I could never part with.
10 years ago
This is a fantastic machine. Amazing layout. Incredible lightshow.

This machine suffered initially from incomplete code (as many do!), but the layout and lighting still saved it. Now that a major code update has dropped this pin has really come to life.

If you like the theme, it's a no brainer. Even if you don't, it's a fast bright, flowy machine that'll challenge even the hottest players, and engage newcomers with its sequential challenges. It's one when you really can say, "Shoot at the blinky lights", and it just might start to mean something to a first timer!

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