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3 years ago
The more I play Jokerz the more and more I like it.

The game has a rule set easy enough anyone can grasp it within a few plays, but is challenging enough to keep you coming back for more and more and more. The flow of this game is pretty slow. Lots of bouncing shots not doing much other than rolling around. The shots are rewarding and well balanced. I would recommend changing the rules to the preset "Easy Mode". It gives you more time to hit your bonus shots after they are activated and I think make the game much more playable. The rising middle ramp to lock balls, spinning poker wheel, Millions Drop Targets, and Double Your Score ramps are nice gimmicks and are fun.

The artwork is bearable. I actually like the artwork on the middle/bottom of the playfield simple yet effective, but I think the top of the playfield is pretty bare with not much going on. The backglass is a cool piece it has nice artwork with plenty of flashers, spinning poker wheel, and Jackpot staff that lights as you raise the jackpot to it maximum. I enjoy the cabinet artwork and think it fits the theme well.

Now to what is in my opinion easily the worst part of the game. The audio. The music and sound effects are terrible. Then you add in the terrible sys11 hum and buzz that most machines have. The callouts are decent but the jester laughs get annoying pretty fast. The only saving grace for the music is there is a decent amount of music changes when entering different modes.

The end of the day the game is challenging and keeps me wanting more. For the price compared to other games on market with much less features really makes this game a steal.

Edit: Came back to add that I just switched over to 100% LED's and it really woke the game up. I never realized how many cool light shows this machine had. Mostly because I had a ton of GI and Flashers burnt out. Now running at 100% this game really shines with LED's and Red and Blue flashers.
8 years ago
I just don't get the love for this game. The game is decent but the flow just isn't there. Lots of post shots. The toy for the multiball and jackpot is by far the best thing on this game.
9 years ago
It's a good game but I wouldnt go sor far as saying great. The theme is fantastic and incorperated well.

The T-Rex is by far the coolest thing on the machine, and the shaker goes great with it.

Im just always jeft feeling like somthing more could have been done. A couple more skill shots and it would be a great game.
9 years ago
Great looking game. Fun everytime. I'll always drop some quarters in.
9 years ago
This game is simply amazing. Rules are easy to follow and fun to play for any skill level and all ages.

The artwork is a thing of beauty. The playfield and backglass are the best i've ever seen. If you can find a cab in decent shape it is the best art on a cab i've ever seen.

The sounds are really the only downfall to this machine. The lack of music and crappy sound effects is a real bummer.

I would easily reccomend this machine to anyone.
9 years ago
A great game for the year. Great artwork and theme. The sounds get kind of annoying. I dig the classic 80's speach but the music kills it for me.

The multiball is fun and pretty easily obtainable. The design and rules are super easy to follow. Which makes playability great. If I just want to play some pinball without thinking too much Space Shuttle is the way to go.

Now that I have had it a while. I find myself going back more and more. I'll usually play this over my JM.
9 years ago
This truly is a great game. The shots are fantastic and super smooth. The sounds, light, and visuals are very good. The rules are very clear and dont take much time to learn. It has 4 different multiballs. 2 quick multiballs (2 balls), the normal 3 ball, and 2 4 ball multiballs Powerdown Mode (wizard mode), and Midnight Madness. The hand toy is a great unique feature.

As you can probably tell by yourself the artwork is absolutely terrible. A great game wasted by a bad theme. There is also a bit of fun factor being able to make fun of the dumb quotes on this machine while playing it. As im playing TAF all I can think is how there are more features on JM. This would easily be a top 10 game with a different theme.

If you are on the edge about pulling the trigger on this game DO IT! Get this game while the price is still low. By far the best bang for you buck machine.