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34 days ago
All time classic game - one of the first games I used to play, so has a nostalgic value and love the sound package. It's a very simple, approachable game that is brutal yet rewarding and draws you back for just one more game.
35 days ago
I'm very theme orientated when it comes to what I buy, with Alien right up there, and the theme integration in this machine is out of this world (lol). Having both Alien and Aliens movies integrated into the gameplay give variety between games, and each of the modes are quite unique and challenging - I love Find Jonesy and Combat Drop modes. The gameplay has a stop-go feel to it, which reminds me of Twilight Zone, yet the ability to collect different weapons and how to best leverage them (using the launch button) adds another unique element to this game. Now the sound package on this machine is outstanding as it builds tension as you progress through a mode and takes the immersion into the game to another level, it's simply brilliant. The cabinet is rock solid and really like the lit side blades; I've had the LV for 6 months and have only had a minor issue with the drop targets. So overall this is an outstanding game and very happy to have it in my collection.
2 years ago
My sons favourite and go to pin - who does not enjoy killing martains??

Such a fun pin to play
2 years ago
A fun game for the family. While only 2 flippers, the playfield design makes in different to the standard fan layout of some games. The machine is well integrated with the theme, combining a range of modes with toys and lighting.
2 years ago
All time classic that draws a crowd. The trolls, drawbridge, portcullis and exploding castle have got to be the best pinball toys. Brilliantly themed, with fun call outs and awesome artwork - the translite, PF and cabinet artwork are the complete package.
2 years ago
While I'm not into the theme as such, I find myself coming back to this machine regularly. While a simple ruleset and gameplay, it is still challenging and rewarding to get those super jackpots. A fun game that people enjoy when they come over.
2 years ago
T2 was the first game designed with a DMD and also a cannon, better still it has Arnie doing the callouts. It's a simple fan layout so easy to play and the ruleset is not deep but yet rewarding none the less with skull / cannon jackpot and super jackpot, combo'ing ramps for payback time, as well as the chase loop and escape route. It was a hugely popular back in the day and so is a sentimental favourite for many people and draws a crowd when friends are over.

This was my first pin and will be hard to sell
2 years ago
This is a great game - one of my go to machines. Absolutely love the gameplay with the min-PF battlefield, ramp diverters and the cool ball lock with disappearing sanctum wall. My young son bought me the movie on DVD, so we now understand the modes better and B/W did a good job integrating the theme - it's just unfortunate that the movie wasn't hit as I'm sure the pin would be more higher rated if it had. The ramps are steep and can be brutal if the shot is not made, but in that it makes a more challenging and rewarding game. Best value for money

Almost forgot ... best mode ever on a pinball - the secret laughing duck mode
2 years ago
TZ is an all time classic master piece. The PF artwork and colour, along with all the PF toys and different modes truly encapulates the Twilight Zone. The variety of shots with 4 flippers, the powerball and magnetic flippers on the mini-PF create a truly fun game to play that has held the test of time.

Definitely one of my all time favourites
2 years ago
An amazing fast flowing, well integrated game with a deep ruleset and huge variety of shots. The animated T-Rex and Raptor pit on the Prem/LE really add to the overall game. Although the game will punish you if you brick a shot, it just keeps you coming back. With 4 ramps and a plethora of combo shots it makes for an extremely rewarding gameplay.

And there's nothing better than the roar from the T-Rex!! What a game!!
2 years ago
A challenging game to master with 12 modes, various multiballs and 3 different video modes. The start mode and mini-PF can be difficult on some IJ's but playing a well dialled in machine is a lot fun. Great theme integration with modes, call outs and music.
2 years ago
This is a sentimental favourite for my son and I, having watched all the Strek Trek series together. Fantastic theme integration with call outs and music, along with modes all combine to create an awesome machine. There are a variety of multiballs and Final Frontier wizard mode allowing players numerous gameplay strategies. Dual cannons and a Borg ship that fires balls back at you, as well as a shuttle, Klingon and Romulan ships all adds to world under glass. And there is nothing sweeter than hitting a Picard maneuver!

The outlanes can be challenging at first however a fun and rewarding game that never gets old. Engage!