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5 years ago
Fantastic art, great colors!! If you get a chance to play this rare game don't pass it up. The playfield looks deceptively simple but is very well laid out and designed. Lots of shots to go for and great scoring options going for any 1-4 in color (lights special) or all of any digit (increases rollovers or hits of that digit to 5000 each). Light all and it racks up points BIG TIME!! I also like the 'occasional' special - meaning that if all of say the yellow digits are lit, it comes on a 'third' of the time, if all of two colors lit then 2/3 of the time and if all of all colors lit, special stays on - lots of fun .. and with the posts all set to the conservative (harder) positions, keeps this game plenty challenging with some of the widest side drains I have seen - at approx. 3" width!!
5 years ago
Another master work from the usuals at Gottlieb
Brilliant Art Package throughout with wonderful twist on playfield design with pops down low
Very challenging bonus advance sequence is extremely satisfying once achieved - nice touch to need to advance through the 1-4 roll overs 5 times to light the special, and have the completion of all 10 drop targets to light the 'bonus' center post target too ... add in the typ wedge 'chase the roving light' and this one is hands down one of the best!!!

you just can't resist battling the wizard .. 'one more time' :)
5 years ago
I think Bally was way ahead of their time with this one - plenty of dynamic shots and gates to open - beautiful playfield art too!

If you get a chance to play this rarer title make sure to go for it! You won't be disappointed.
5 years ago
the masterpiece - I always appreciate the '70s Ballys for some unique features and creativity - this one a tour de force !! plunger skill shot supreme, magna action, ball locks , zipper flippers and multi ball ... great stuff!!! someday .. someday ..!
5 years ago
some say this one is 'too simple' but I don't find it so - my favourite card themed game keeps me coming back for more - love the back glass art and the simple open playfield paint too - bump targets are a nice change from drops and the over all pink / yellow scheme when lit and waxed is a nice bright cheery change! Getting the 'Ace' card .. aka 'top card' is a thrill - great fun and another excellent GTB Wedge.
5 years ago
A true classic and worthy of its praise - the total package in my opinion in art, play and interest! Blondes, Sci Fi / Mad Science, animated backglass, great colored inserts, drop targets, kick out hole and 'bagatelle' lanes ... I could go on and on :) A+++ for Centigrade 37!
5 years ago
Another fantastic drop target masterpiece from GTB!! This one on 3 ball is always a real challenge for me - I love it!! Lots of shots and strategy always keep it interesting!
5 years ago
Beautiful all around and a real blast to play over and over - watch for that elusive spin roto #4 !!! light up the a,b,c,d rollovers and rack up points on the side roll overs too! Great fun hitting all the roto digits and cracking off free games!!! another brillian GTB Wedge!!
5 years ago
I love this game - picked mine up locally - was in great shape but needed a good cleaning. The infamous fs relay was gummed up but still fun to play on - fantastic! once I got the relay fixed and working properly. I love the center spinner shot, the artwork and the pink match light and of course red 'special' inserts!! Simple but great play keeps me coming back to this one over and over. A classic!