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2 years ago
Ok, so had the game only a few days and I will surely update the ratings. While I am cutting it a little slack knowing it will improve rule wise(basing it on the intent a little more than execution) I am not discounting that it needs work there. Lets start from the top.

Art - Since this is he best part I will start here, art is really really nice! One of the best if not the best art packages in pinball. The cabinet I think is hands down the best cabinet in pinball, the playfield is great too, maybe rivaled by some of Zombi Yetis just because I think he lays out the shots a little better in his art but its darn close.

Layout - Its very unique, yet it shoots very well. Its not clunky or slow I find it a ton of fun, and the upper playfields are really fun unlike most game with upper playfields. Overall the game shoots pretty fast, but the subway/lifter system does slow things down a touch. Its ok as you get used to it, but if they could stage the balls it would become even better.

Rules/Code - I think the general idea and how some of the modes and multi balls work is very cool and fun, but.. the integration of it all together and the onscreen UI leave a lot to be dissed currently. Its really hard to know what to do and what you are working towards, mini wizard modes etc. The good news is this can be made better.

Sound - Ehh...I think some work needs to be done here the callouts are lacking. The music is ok, but I guess if you like ultraman you will like it. The volume levels seem to change a lot depending on the mode you are in. Again all can be fixed.

Screen - Again this needs some work, text needs to be bigger and easier to see. Movie scenes a little bigger etc etc...But also can be improved.

Overall I find the game a lot of fun and very unique.
2 years ago
Going to keep my review short, but wow I didn't have any interest in a Godzilla themed pinball when it was accounted. Then I saw the game and was like well thats actually not bad. Now I have played it , just tons of fun. Lots of cool toys, great flow, very unique layout and they nailed the theme. Code is early so I cannot give the rules a 5 yet, but its gonna be hard to mess this game up. Well done Stern and Keith.
2 years ago
Have had my Mando for about 2 months now. Its in need of a code update, but I dont think that will affect my rating too much as I am assuming they will fix the minor bugs that make it a bit frustrating the overall code is solid and complete.

Lets start with the layout and toys, its fairly unique and fun to shoot...but ultimately its still a fan layout of sorts. It does not have quite the interesting shots that some of the recent Elwin games have. Toys wise the upper playfield is pretty fun, the ramp that comes down to divert the ball back to the ramp is a nice touch. Ship looks nice the hanging larget not sure what the point is, its unique I guess...but not amazing. Grogu looks good, but we all know he doesnt move magnet adds a little to the game but it could do so much more. Without the them id call the shots and layout average, not bad but to amazing.

Art is top notice 10/10 for me!

Sound is also amazing, the music the call outs are all spot on! Theme integration was nailed on this game.

Rules also pretty solid , I very much enjoy all the missions and multi balls, the mini wizard modes are very coo. The encounters are good as well, but very very hard to advance to the end of those.

Overall its a great game, an ok layout saved by amazing them integration and a very solid ruleset. I cant help but wonder what another designer would do with this theme, but we will never know its still a super fun game and most likely the best Star Wars themed pinball around.
3 years ago
Was not impressed with this game at first but it’s really come a long way and is one of the best around ! Great use of the theme, amazing rules and toys . Not as brutal
As some other modern stern but deep enough it’s still challenging .
3 years ago
Great game really nailed the theme, voices are super well done and game is fun and fast. It is a touch hard , some dont like the animations but personally I love them. I tried the 1987 version and went back stock much better!
4 years ago
Game is a blast to play music and animations are awesome and the toy is one if the best in some time. I think the upper playfield adds a lot.
6 years ago
When I first saw it was disappointed, boy was I wrong. Game is fast and fun. Amazing rules, Amazing theme integration, amazing lighting. Game is just flat out fun, may not have a lot of toys but the hyperspace shot is great and its just constant flow and action. ONE MORE GAME!
7 years ago
Game may seem simple, but super high on the fun factor. Lots of strategy in stacking and just brutal gameplay. Enjoy the music and callouts. Had the one more time factor for sure.
9 years ago
I have loved the game since I got it but the new code puts it over the top. Game has great artwork, sound and dots. Tons of toys, pretty good flow with lots to shoot at. The rules are amazing, and there may still be more to come. Some of the shots can be a little tight, doesn't quite flow as good as a Ritchie but lots to shoot at and lots of things that interact with the ball. Very cool toys,while the pro is a great game I think the extra toys and lighting really add to the game. The snake is a huge difference in that he opens and closes his jaw which enables the awesome locking of a ball in multiball for a 2X scoring. Sparky is a great toy, one of the best in years. Love the inline drops. The Hammer is super cool, unfortunately it does not always lock the ball as intended however I have learned to look past this flaw as then the lock does happen its way more satisfying than a "virtual" lock. Finally the lighting effects are top notch. There is a such a variety of things to do in this game, plus the risk/reward of the CIU modes. Love it!
10 years ago
RBION is a great game, lots of shots and personally I like the artwork and sounds but can see that part not being everyones cup of tea. Pretty deep ruleset and very tough to achieve the various wizard modes, on of sterns best for sure!
11 years ago
CFTBL is a great game! I love all the dots & sounds. Has some ejoyable shots, and getting to multiball and finding the girl is a blast. My only issue with the game would be its rules arent too deep, which is fine as I dont own the game and love playing it when I get a chance but not sure if would last forever in a smaller collection. Its also hard to find one witha good hologram, hopefully a repro will be avialble someday.
11 years ago
I have played Tron many times its a good game but I don't constantly want to keep playing it like some other games. I feel like the play field is somewhat sparse, flow is good but just not a lot of shots that satisfy me. EL wire looks awesome on the LE!
11 years ago
Game is just plain fun, only thing I gave low marks for was the rules but I will edit that if the new update is a great as hoped. The premium looks incredible too!!
11 years ago
Great game, good flow. Simple rules but not and easy game if you set it up hard!
11 years ago
Monopoly is a fun game. Its definitely a little short on toys, but it has lots of shots. 5 multi balls plus a wizard mode, great sound. The theme while some may not like it, is very well implemented into the game. I sold my NGG to get this game for something new...and honestly NGG is probably better but Monopoly is a good game...has better shots and gameplay just not as many fun toys :)
11 years ago
Deep game so much to do, long ball times. It's more of an adventure than a pinball game :) love the callouts, not a ton of toys but the ring is great and bashing the balrog fun as wel. Mainly this is a game you can keep for a very long time!!
12 years ago
This is a great game..tons of fun..very it!
12 years ago
Good table but a little overrated in my opinion...seems a little repetitive maybe I just don't get it?
12 years ago
I love this game its just a ton of fun..great the ringmaster!
12 years ago
There is a reason people love this the rule set!
12 years ago
This is the game that I used to play when I was a kid..choking Rudy with the pinball never gets old!
12 years ago
Maybe the ruleset isn't as deep as the best machines(or doesn't appear to be) but this game is just plain FUN!

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