Comedy&Pinball Podcast

Comedy&Pinball Podcast

By Mandersoncomedy

June 05, 2017

77 days ago

I'm a comedian out in NYC that plays pinball and also does comedy, I also have a day job. So between those three things I stay very busy, and I started a podcast with another comedian friend of mine. We tell stories and veer off topic alot, but at the end of the day the reason we're podcast is to talk about pinball.

You can find us anywhere by searching for the "High Scores Podcast" on iTunes, Stitcher, Google Play, or TuneIn.

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73 days ago
Very cool! Going to have to check this out!
72 days ago
I'll upvote these guys. They funny as hell. Maybe don't play it by the kids. They talk about their league play, and the Midnight Vultures are the league champions as well.
68 days ago
I appreciate the support guys. :D

Also, definitely don't play it by the kids unless you want them being the coolest kids in school (but seriously, probably don't). LOLOLOL
68 days ago
Here's to live performance of a fine art form! I think we've devolved to the point where comedians are the only ones who can tell the truth. I'll be checking out the podcast!!
63 days ago
Adding it to my rotation now!

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