Where it all began...long long time ago ....in a pool hall close by !!

By Mancave

March 13, 2014

8 years ago

My pinball addiction started really early, around the age of 6 or 7. There was a mini golf/arcade hall in town that i used to go to with my older brothers. First machine i played i couldnt actually reach both flipper buttons :), cant remember the name of it and it used either a pool table ball or it was a wooden ball of similar size (hey, we are talking about 39 years ago). I have a feeling it was called Goliath or something similar and was way bigger than the wide body pins like sttng etc. Played all the now classic pins of the late seventies/early 80's, Kiss, Playboy, etc, etc, list goes on and i actually won a Stern Wild Fyre machine when i was about 15, used, but in good nick. I had it in the family lounge room and after i was well bored with it we used to remove the tilt ball and jack the front legs up using Mom's Encyclopedia Britanica's and pretend we were playing pinball in bugger all gravity, LOL. Ahhhh Memories !!! Started collecting in the last 10 years after going through other fads in life (as we do), and have owned a Big Guns, Jackbot, and T2 in the past but now have settled with a Judge Dredd, Getaway, Sttng, Bride of Pinbot and most recent addition is a 79' model Flash. SOOOOO many others i'd like to get, but room to put them in is the killer. The End (For Now :) )..

I just remembered recently what that big ole pinball machine was (an Atari Hercules), HUGE for a kid with short arms, LOL. The Flash machine has now gone on to greener pastures and been replaced with an RFM machine which i'm Loving at the moment!!


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