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6 years ago
Superb game from Stern/John Borg that shines in the gameplay and lighting department. Fast, magnet city, semi-difficult ramp shots and excellent artwork. Just needs a little more in the way of rules, which I hope is coming.
7 years ago
I very much enjoy this game, tons to do and laid out very well. This is a keeper, and for the price deserves a serious look regardless of how stupid the theme is. Reminds me very much of the DMD Williams games, excellent habitrails. I have owned quite a few sega/data east games and this is one of the best.
8 years ago
This game supprised me. Sure it may have that DMD Gottlieb "clunky" feel at times, but it is still a very fun game with some very interesting features. The ship is used very well and the wave ramp quite fun. Nice flashers (which flash in attract mode!) but the other lighting is not so great, especially when compaired to other dmd gottliebs which are well lit. There are whole areas of plastic with no lights under them, which is strange to me. All in all, a nice pin and the fact that it is a good bit diffrent than the norm makes it worth checking out for yourself.
8 years ago
The whole shebang. Perhaps the best Bally ever made, from looks to play this game has it all.
8 years ago
Ok so I had a chance to put 20 or so games on Tron legacy tonight and here is my quick review. This game is in many ways a step in the right direction for Stern Pinball, but some annoying design and manufacturing choices remain that in other ways take pinball in the wrong direction. Gameplay is fun, a flow minded pin in a lot of ways with good loops and nice ramps. The spinning disc feature is quite good and really shines during multiball. The thing can move the ball at quite a rate of speed and create some nice crazy bounces with the spin it puts on the ball at times. Other times it does barely anything. Game rules are not too deep, but I suppose deep enough. I got to Sea Of Simulation one time, it was pretty fun. I wonder what the portal multiball is like. Some shots feel kind of "hollow" if you will and not very rewarding, namely the two mini orbits next to both ramps, something just does not feel right there. The sound is awesome, but that was kind of to be expected. The art package is hit and miss, nothing to write home about for sure but it works. The game can not help escaping feeling like Rolling Stones or Avatar in some ways, maybe it is the plain jane clear ramps (lame) that does it. Really a shame the lighting on this game could not be better. Sure the LE may fix that but this is the "base" version of the game and because of that it suffers from a lack of creative lighting. All in all a step in the right direction for stern, but still not a return to their glory years of a few years ago.
8 years ago
This is a very underrated game, quite a bit different than what Williams was doing around this same time frame. I find this game to be extremely fun, and a refreshing change. The sound is not the greatest, the lighting however is superb easily one of the best lit machines I own. Seriously, give this game a play or two it is well worth your time. Can be a bit too easy on the wrong settings level, suggest setting game to "hard" settings, seems right that way.
9 years ago
Taxi - easily one of the best pinball machines of any era. Something about this game just makes it work. The layout, the scoring, the sounds, everything just works perfectly in this game to create one of the most complete pure pinball machines there is.

I never go a day without playing this game
9 years ago
This is an edited review.

After extended ownership, I still enjoy this game but not on the level I do some others. I think it can get a bit boring sooner than it should. Who knows maybe it is just me. I think I prefer Demolition Man, but still this is a fun game.
9 years ago
Finally got a chance to play this today for a while on location and I have to say it is a pretty fun pinball machine. It is hard to say there is a lot going on in this game, but what is there is well done and fun. The moving buck target feature is actually pretty cool, and can be challenging to hit it from all the different angles. You do have to really hit the thing for it to register a hit, but I suppose that is the point.

Sound is good, hard to comment too much since it was on kind of low at the bar with all the background noise. Art package is not too bad for Stern, actually pretty appealing all around, and much better looking than some stern games such as CSI or 24. The whole theme works well together, even the spaceship pop bumpers somehow fit in well with the theme. Slingshots seemed a little weak, like they were underpowered, while the pop bumpers seemed nice and fast. I think this is a step in the right direction for Stern, and will be a fair success for them.
9 years ago
After now owning this game, and having played it a ton in Las Vegas I feel I can write a fair review of this pin. These thoughts may change as I own it longer term but this is how i feel now.

This pin is really great, it does not have the deepest rule set by any means, but it does have a good bit of things going on so it is not shallow either. Not by any means. It is challenging but not in the wrong areas, side drains seem really fair but the fast bouncebacks SDTM will get you if you are not quick. Gameplay area I give this pin a B maybe B+.
Where this pin really excels though is the art, sound and animation package. Wow, no pin makes me laugh and crack a smile when I am playing it like this one. I guess some of it may be fond memories of this show on TV when I was a little kid, so these sounds just bring a smile to my face. This game has lots of humor, and it uses it to full effect. Art/Sound this game is an A all the way.

Other thoughts. Super nice backglass (real backglass, not a translite, and it really shows.. Stupid button ball launcher. Needs a plunger, pointless skill shot.

My girlfriend says I love every pin I own, and she may be right, but this one I think I really love... (till the next one comes along)
9 years ago
Very fun 80's gottlieb, a hidden gem of a game to be perfectly honest. This game sits next to a pinbot in my gameroom and it easily holds its own next to this classic. The flipper play is not as good as a williams but the drop targets, pop targets etc more than make up for this. Also the music is just downright awesome for 80's synth sounds, blows Williams music out of the water. Great build quality on this pin as well. I have to say, It is one of my favorite 80's pins now. Also this game has some of the fastest pop bumper action I have ever seen outside of Twilight Zone. Seriously.
9 years ago
Awesome "below the radar" classic. For some reason this pin is overlooked in the same mention as other classics like Black Knight or Sorcerer (games this pin shares a lot in common with) but I think it is better than both when it comes to sheer gameplay. Easily a top 3 system 9 pin (at least I think it is system 9).

Artwork lacks detail though, if they only had Gordon Morrison doing this art package (yea keep dreaming) it would have been an all time classic. Instead we get some crappy sketches and a female with no boobs right in the middle of the playfield.. No boobs?? Heresy...
9 years ago
Very fun williams widebody, great game overall, wonderful theme. To be honest though, demolition man has more flow. :/ there I said it.
9 years ago
A very fun (for its time) early gottlieb SS. Gotta love the Gordon Morrison art, the guy was just amazing at drawing the female figure. I enjoy having this pin, even though it is super unreliable.
9 years ago
A true classic, and a top 5 pin in any real pinballers book. Like other blue chip pins it has the whole package, the looks, the gameplay it's all there. Near perfect.
9 years ago
Kind of a weird game, I hated it at first but was strangely drawn to it like a woman in leather that walks on your back, it hurts so good.

A nudgers paradise, weird layout but I think it could be fun in the right setting.
9 years ago
The near perfect pin. Beautiful yet deep and oh so fun. It truly has it all, the whole package. Only 10th on the top 100? No way, sorry but I will stand firm and swear to you that this is a top 5 pin. PERIOD.
9 years ago
For some reason I have 2 of these right now, when playing right and super fast this is a fun pin. Nothing super special but a decent ruleset and ok drop targets. Kind of behind the times for the mid 80's but I think that was the point, to be somewhat retro in gameplay. Wanna buy one? :P
9 years ago
A very fun pin from a time when pins were crossing over into more complex realms this pin kept it simple but adds alot of toys and stuff going on. I enjoy the layout of this game, it is a shooters pin, with a difficult ramp shot but rewarding and satisfying. it is not a "flow" pin by any means, not that it is a bad thing it is just more of a shooters pin as I said. For the price I picked one of these up for (700$ unshopped) I could not be happier, bang for buck this pin has it in spades.
9 years ago
This game is crap. I actually purchased one of these a while back because I remember it being at the mall arcade when I was younger and for some reason I forgot how much I hated this pin. So I bought a location one for $600 and it remains to this day the only pinball I ever regret buying. I ended up selling it 2 weeks later at what I paid for it just to get my money back. The playfield layout sucks, the flipper action sucks. The huge sheet of mylar covers the middle playfield but they did not mylar the ball return lanes where the ramp dropped the balls, so they are almost always worn there. Gottlieb made such crap in the 90's and while this isn't the worst of them by far, it typifies what was wrong with gottlieb back then. They did not have the player in mind when they designed pins.

Avoid this pin like the plague.
9 years ago
As far as I am concerned this pin is underrated even at 10 or 11 in the top 100. I feel it should be in the top 5. It really is a special pin, with amazing flow, smooth ramps, great art and with elvira thrown into the mix you have the whole package.

A special game.
9 years ago
Played this for a bit at the pinball hall of fame, certainly did not live up to its billing for me. Not in my top 100 by a longshot. Just my opinion though as always.
9 years ago
9 years ago
First time I have ever changed a rating. Picked one of these up for my collection and all I can say is. I am glad I did, this is an amazing pinball machine, pure fun. Some of the best sound I've ever heard in a pin as well. Fits the theme perfectly and my favorite Stern to date. Sorry I took sol long to warm up to you spidey.
9 years ago
Sure this machine is beautiful but that is where it ends here. It plays so clunky and lacks any semblance of flow. Not sure it is deserving of being in the top 100, but hey I am just one person, some people love this table. To each their own.
9 years ago
Just picked this pin up and I am absolutely LOVING the way it plays. It has extremely good flow and if you like hitting ramp shots back to back this is a very rewarding table. The multiball modes are also numerous and exciting. May be a bit unbalanced score wise on multiball but this does not bother me too much since the fun factor is there. So if you like ramps and multiball (like me) than this is a wonderful table. The only drawbacks are as mentioned a hundred other times, the art is not the greatest on this table. The translite/backglass especially is lacking. If I ever meet Wesley Snipes I am going to tell him to piss off for his vetoing of the original backglass design until they settled on this monstrosity. If there is ever a market for a aftermarket, alternate backglass this is the game for it. I am even considering making one my self using a demolition man movie poster or something. The playfield art is not bad but nothing remarkable either. Oh well the play more than makes up for it on this one. And being one of the most affordable williams/bally "superpins" it is a good piece to have in your collection.
9 years ago
As mentioned, a very good pin from Williams that you do not see much of. I enjoyed it but have not seen one in years yet if I ever do I will go right up to it and plunk in every quarter I have.

worth a look.
9 years ago
This is a wonderful table and my personal favorite in the pin bot series. It takes a while to warm up to but it is well worth the time invested. I would consider it a must own and when I do find one I will never sell it.
9 years ago
Great ramps, great playfield, great ruleset. Another all time classic from Williams.

Bigfoot hotfoot FTW
9 years ago
Easily my favorite stern table. Hope to have one someday in my collection, this and the data east simpsons are both excellent.
9 years ago
Amazing pinball machine, perhaps the best standard size pinball machine ever created.
9 years ago
One of my all time favorite pinball machines, it just had some sort of odd charm that kept me playing it for a long period of time in the 90's until the arcade literally shut down and i've not seen one since.
10 years ago
own it, love it.