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4 years ago
I really wanted this game to match my Whirlwind with the cool Lawlor disaster duo. It really is an amazing system 11 that is super fast and has some great call outs. I have the sinking building mod and it is pretty cool but not necessary as it really down't effect the game play. The original back glass is classic and the artwork is fantastic. The shaker motor is the perfect addition to the earthquake theme and integrated very well/ Works best in a larger collection as the variation gets redundant after a while but a classic nonetheless.
5 years ago
The 2.0 code has drastically made this game much better. I finally figured out how to defeat Smaug and the first two times I did it was pure luck, now that I know how it is so fulfilling at the hardest challenge in the game IMO - so fulfilling when you do it. Still have not made it to BoFA although close. When Keith finishes the code to include a possible wizard more this game is going to be even that much better. Such a beautiful and fun game, it truly feels like you are going on an adventure.
6 years ago
I finally got the game that got me through the laundromat in college. This game was made, in my opinion, during the golden years of pinball. Great quality and an awesome theme for Eastwood fans. Great modes and tough shots make this table satisfying when you hit them. Love the flow of this game and selective skill shot. No idea why this game is rated where it is, under appreciated in my opinion.
6 years ago
I just slapped in Chad's new code and also the Color DMD and it made this really good game great! I really like the Who so maybe I am biased a bit, but the blinders coupled with the dropping mirror and propellers are some pretty nice features on the game. The skill shot is crazy tough for me, maybe I need a better plunger/spring though. The mirrored pinball topper with Tommy written on top of the backbox is a cool touch. I agree that some of those outlanes are frustrating as the ball always seems to find them regardless how level the game is. The CPT Walker video mode sucks but it is better with the new code. Also the scoring is a bit more balanced now too. If you have a Who fan in the house they will love this game even though it is based off the musical - kind of a weird creepy kind of play in my opinion. Especially when you hit the jackpot and there are some psycho clowns with balloons grinning you down. It is even creepier when you have had a bit to drink, or some funny mushrooms, with the colored display. Give it a go!
7 years ago
Unique game that is a blast at first with its call outs and animations. It quickly gets old though once you get to Mars it really gets repetitive. My kids liked it and it may do well in a bigger collection.
7 years ago
I have only played this game at Allentown and it never was working 100%. I finally picked one up that plays perfect and am I blown away literally by this game. First off, I am a System 11 and Pat Lawlor fan so my rating may be a little biased. However, for an original theme and creative technology with the spinning discs and fan topper-this game is amazing. Everything from the artwork, music, call outs and fun factor are great. I love the subtle Chicago references such as the boys hat with the Chicago Cubs logo and I-80 playfield artwork in the upper left portion of the playfield. now I just need to find an Earthshaker to pair it next to it.
7 years ago
I held off on rating this after I picked one up. After a few months of playing it, I have to say it is Awesome! The artwork is gorgeous...both on the playfield and especially the translate. If you have the modesty sticker, which I did, get it off! The pervy artwork and comments from Elvira are typical of the time and era of those horror flicks back in the day. The skill shot into the skull followed by nailing both ramps before the ball your balls drain is so satisfying. The music and sound effects are awesome too, especially for 1989. Cabinet is pretty nice as well, I love the dead heads, boogie men,, and bbq bonus. I hope there is a remake of playfields because that is my only gripe, mine has a bit of wear hear and there and I want to keep this one in the collection for a while.
8 years ago
I was able to bring this game back to life after it sit in someone's basement for years. Boy am I glad I did. This is a late 70s/early 80s Bally Widebody that feels like a classic car. The game has great artwork on the PF and BG. I love the kicker on the right side that adds to scoring and the saucer hole in the upper left. Who can go wrong with skiing in a cowboy hat..funny theme.
8 years ago
Monday night football is such an awesome game to play with multiple people. You can play either football points or pinball points adding in a whole new flavor of scoring. The field goal and extra point ramp that pops out of the playfield is sweet. Hitting the bomb ramp is very fulfilling as well. The skill shot is not easy and very satisfying to make. The sounds and call outs take you back to when MNF was on ABC.
The only con is trying to find repair parts. There was less than 1500 made and that was back in '89. Who knows how many are left. Grab one up if you can....the best multiplayer pin in my opinion.
8 years ago
Just picked this game up and I am blown away with the bang for your buck. Classic WMS Widebody with a shaker, two heads, and double plunger. I have always enjoyed this game in high school and it truly was the game that got me hooked on pinball. Now that I have one, I feel spoiled but am glad my kids get to enjoy the very game that brought about my addiction.
9 years ago
This is a fun game to play at a buddy's house, but the enduring factor is just not there for me. It would look sweet paired next a EATPM though.
9 years ago
I need to get one of these. The Stewie playfield is so unique and awesome. I love the speech too...although not for young kids. I would love to have it next to my TSPP!
9 years ago
Gofers is a great game that keeps giving the player that one more game feeling. The slam ramp shot to get the hole in one is so satisfying if you hit it. The gofers are great to smack around and modes are fun to try an rack up points.
9 years ago
I bought this game and it was out of my home in 2 weeks. I love the theme, but the game got real boring real fast. The Amp suit magnet piece was cool, but that was really all the game had. My kids got bored of it too.
The good piece was the awesome back glass and music was pretty good. I also liked the Colonel's taunting too.
I recommend paying this game a few times before you consider buying it.
9 years ago
This game lasted a whole week. Awesome art and theme, I loved the movie but this pin sucked. I just could not get into it and the gameplay is not enduring. The AMP suit multiball is alright, but that is about it
9 years ago
I picked up JP last month and the game is pretty fun. Between this and TFTC they are the 2 better DE games. The smart missile is unique to pinball and mixes an element of strategy and luck that is not available in other pins.
9 years ago
I loved to play this game at the bar during my college days and when I got a chance to own one, I jumped on it. I really enjoy this game and there is something awesome about making that engine shake when you get the balls up in there. It is challenging yet the rules are somewhat simple, but keeps making you come back for more. The race cars on the side are not necessary, but kids sure do think they're cool. I got rid of mine to use as trade bait for a TAF, but would not minding having another one.
10 years ago
This is a great game that is both challenging yet fun enough to keep you coming back without getting frustrated. I love shooting the Deathstar for the multiball. The skill shot is easy to master though which is a con. For a Data East game, it is one of the better ones.

Edit: after owning it for about a year the family and I started to tire of it. The new code is much better but still there is only so much to do. Even us, as Star Wars fans, were ready to move on from it after a year.
10 years ago
I played about 10 games of this at Pinfest in PA last month and could not get into it. It did not seem to have much going on with it.
10 years ago
I love this game and will add one to my collection someday. It had been over a decade since I played it last month at Allentown and it was like riding a bike. Even with the progession of newer DMD games and all, TAF still endures with the fun factor. It is great that there are so many out there in the inventory, but wish the price is not so high.
Just got my hands on one and am feeling like a lucky guy. It needs some minor work but will be solid cosmetically soon. This is just a pure classic who's lastably endures. There is reason it is so popular and hard to find even though there are 20k made.
10 years ago
I have always enjoyed this game. To me it never gets old. I am not a dungeon and dragons knd of guy but the theme is fun regardless of your preference. I passed on owning one years ago and have been kicking myself ever since. Great for the family too.
10 years ago
this game has a lasting ability and consistently kicks my butt time and time again, however once in a while I get lucky and I'm able to throw by score which keeps me coming back for more.
10 years ago
This game is great and definetly deserves to be up there as high as it is in the rankings. I am an avid IJ fan growing up and this machine does not dissapoint. It is challenging yet not impossible and keeps making you come back for more. I hope to own one someday instead of dropping serious coin in one everytime I see it somewhere.
10 years ago
I am going against the grain here and rating Popeye high. Some of the shots are hard to hit and bounce off posts or are hidden underneath the upper playfield but I think that adds to the challenge. I love the various multiballs including the 7 ball multiball. The theme is pretty good too for those that are "green" / "save the whales" type folks. For the money, this is a great widebody game as far as value goes. Don't knock it till you have tried it a few times. My kids absolutely love it.
10 years ago
I absolutely love this game. The theme fits well with me and my family and who does not like to stare at Pamela Anderson? This game is extremely challenging yet also rewarding if you can nail some of the video modes and multiballs. There are a lot of various modes to try and reach and fun factor is enduring. I think that this machine is way underrated because it is a Sega. If you were to slap a Bally or WIlliams tag to it, then it would be way up there IMHO.
10 years ago
I owned a Fish Tales a while back and truly enjoyed the game. It's music may be botehrsome to some, but I did not mind it. The boat in the middle of the playfield is a cool touch for that time and I liked the video mode where you shot the skiers.
The cabinet artwork and backglass is pretty cool epsecially if you are fisherman/water person.
Only Con's I hvae are the Fish on top that can get pretty loud and wake the kids (if that applies to you) and it can get a little repetitive if you don't have a few games to go with it.
10 years ago
I owned a Junkyard for a few months and after about a solid week of playing it, I had beaten it and gotten tired of playing.

The Cons: The fun factor is not enduring after-after you beat Crazy Bob you just keep doing it over and over again. Racking up points is not all that balanced either. it is not too difficult to keep hitting the Spike hole and shooting Spike with the toaster gun and racking up huge points that way over and over.

The Pros: The wrecking ball is pretty cool and adds a different element to the game. The skill shot is not as easy as it looks and challenges you. I love the throw back modes with the Time Machine (actually my favorite part of the game). Some of the plastics are pretty sweet too...the VW bus and toilet.

Overall, this game may work better in a larger collection. I don't have a huge collection so playing it a lot became repetitive after a while. My kids liked it though becasue it was not very challenging.

Hope my opinion adds some value to the rating
10 years ago
I truly love this game and so do my kids. Having always been a Simpsons fan, this game does not disappoint. The rule sets are deep and the fun factor is enduring. Great use of the characters throughout the games as you try to reach the various TV modes and rack up the points. One of the neatest multiballs I experienced is when the flippers go reverse on you and what a challenge. This game will forever be in my collection.