Long time player, first time owner

By majorrager

March 04, 2012

10 years ago

First pinball experience was Video Pinball on the Atari 2600. Never played many actual machines in the 80's, but the bar where I managed in the 90's got a T2 and after many nights competing with friends my interest in pinball grew. After the T2 we got TAF and that machine really got me hooked. I spent many hours playing after I had closed the place for the night and kicked everyone out. I played every machine I could after that and TAF still remains my sentimental favorite. Haven't worked in the bar for years but still hung out there and most recently they had LOTR and we spent a fortune playing that as well until last year in September when my longtime hangout closed its doors after 20 years.

Just this past month my friend and I got the pinball itch again and have actively been seeking all the local machines we could find. Not only are they few and far between, but when you find them, they're usually ill maintained and all the fun is taken out of the experience. As if playing the new Stern games isn't hard enough when they work correctly.

After enough disappointing outings I decided to keep an eye on the local machines for sale through Craigslist and wanted to get into a good starter machine. After looking at a few junk machines, and lusting after a few out of my budget TAF machines I finally found a Demolition Man that looked to be just what I needed to get started on. It was a one owner, home usage only machine that's been in storage for the last few years. The playfield is near immaculate and everything except the right flipper, a kickout, and ten or so lightbulbs seems to be in perfect order. The cabinet is in great shape as well. I paid $900 for it. I plan to clean, shop, and play it as I also learn to work on it with the ultimate goal of buying TAF next year.

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10 years ago

Welcome to pinside! Sounds like you did well with the DM, I hope you find a TAF soon.

10 years ago

Sounds like a little patience paid off for ya. Welcome to pinside and good luck with the TAF.

10 years ago

Nice score majorrager. Great score on the DM; welcome to the Pinside!

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