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10 months ago
I don't know what else to say that my ratings don't illustrate. Hands down the best new stern game in a long time if not ever. Fun for casual flippers, mind- bending deep rules for the more serious player. Great flow, toys, and theme integration. I wish every game insulted you for restarting after ball one. The king of monsters, indeed.
2 years ago
Sounds are definitely repetitive, but easy to ignore while having plenty of fun chasing different modes. A little later era than the wrestling I grew up watching, but still enough nostalgia to make the theme great. High scores really come down to multiball over and over again, but it is interesting and original to have different objectives during the same multiball. You can either chase jackpots and collect all the wrestlers, or avoid jackpots (and cradling) to have balls added over time. I don't play this one a lot compared to some of my others, but when I do, I always have fun.
2 years ago
I simultaneously want to press the start button again and again, as well as smash this game with a baseball bat every time I turn it on and play. I can't count the number of times I've angrily shut it off with a few choice swear words about John Hammond's mother and a desire to sell this game. The "unofficial" code update made this game infinitely more playable. Theme, music, and integration are all top notch, with plenty of different objectives to keep each game interesting.
2 years ago
This is usually the first game I turn on in my collection when I go to play. A few warm up games on this and it feels like all my other games are slow motion. Always has that "just one more game" factor going for it, with plenty of different objectives to vary gameplay. I originally did a temporary trade with a friend for this game, but once it was in the house, I knew I wasn't giving it back. Fast, brutal, and fun. Can easily be as frustrating as entertaining. Finished Jericho only once, and have gotten double do or die a few times. Maybe one day when I'm a much better player, I'll try chasing the impossible do or die multiball.
3 years ago
Bought this game solely to keep for a short time and then flip. Never spent much time on a decent example of the title. I got it cleaned up and playing 100%, and started playing some games. So much for the flip, I'm probably never selling this pin. Since it was a Williams widebody, I thought it would be fairly easy like my DM. No such luck, this game is a drain monster, fast, and brutal. This game feels like the Cadillac of pinballs in terms of build quality. Glad I got my hands on one.
3 years ago
Second only to Iron Maiden for me in terms of game play for all the modern era sterns. I happen to like the band metallica better than maiden, so that's why I own this machine. Great flow, rules, sounds, and theme that always make me hit the start button one more time. Well made and designed. The only new stern I had to have in my collection.
4 years ago
First game I bought when I didn't know a thing about pinball ownership or quality games vs bad games. Got extremely lucky that pinside steered me toward this one as being a great starter. Mine is a huo and has been nearly bulletproof though a lot of usage. Theme wouldn't be my first pick, but man is it fun to play. Flow is near perfect, and plenty to keep you coming back for more. I have a hard time imagining ever selling this game. Novelty of the handles makes it a popular choice for non-regular playing guests as well.

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