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majicman110's ratings

Pinsider majicman110 has rated 7 machines.

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majicman110 has written 4 rating comments:

77 days ago
This game is a steal based on its terrible license. It is my #1 best pin for the money if you can look past the theme. There are some common complaints about the glove slowing down gameplay and being able to exploit spinner millions, but this game is difficult enough that i don't really think they are too big if flaws. However, if you get to the wizard mode and your opponent doesn't then you basically have no chance of losing, so there does seem to be a scoring imbalance there.
This is the game in my collection that constantly kicks my ass. For that reason, it is a keeper for me.
4 years ago
Simple game to pick up and learn. Several aspects of the games art, dmd, etc. were hampered by the studio trying to keep the movie's plot secret. Newcomers gravitate to this machine more than any other in my collection. Not a lot there, but it sure is fun
5 years ago
Love this game. There is a ton here and the modes offer a lot of variety. However they are easy to start and you can let them time out to get to the wizard mode which is kind of lame. It actually discourages you from trying to complete all of the modes. The deadworld mod is cool but doesn't really impact gameplay.
5 years ago
This is my first pin and I love it. One of our favorite movies growing up. This pin falls into the "most bang for your buck" category. It will always have a place in my collection.