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8 years ago
very cool game,Great theme,fun to play cool music and excellent quotes from the very SEXy Elvira!
the only bad thing is the Rules are too simple(for me) I just wish someone would come out with a new set of harder rules and modes
8 years ago
well not one of the greatest games, the turbo charger is cool but that's about it!!
DMD animation is poor and ZZ tops music is cool at first but gets old very quick
I think its way over rated for what it is
8 years ago
havent played this cool of a pinball yet.......what a REAL Killer Game!!!!
Waaaaaay better than WW,FH,CFTBL,CV,AF,SS abd ST:TNG
rules are not too deep and easy to understand,but the modes are hard to start and MUST be completed to count,music is great,artwork is perfect,overall its a great pakage
Tron Rules!
10 years ago
real fun and changeling game from the 80s but also very under rated!
10 years ago
if you like Elvis music and pinball ,this ones for you!!
this is one of the best musical pinball ever made and im sure it will be a very collectable machine .great artwork and game play.
simply beautifull and fun!!
10 years ago
great classic pinball!!!
real fun to play and very challanging to get multiball.
10 years ago
should be called "Flash Drainer"!!
what a drain ball!! still a cool classic Bally, playfield layout not perfect but very nice.BG isnt the pretest but OK.
10 years ago
WAY over priced for what it is... boring to play and not even nice!!
no way this thing should be in the top 100 best games,way better pinballs to play not listed here
love the old Ballys but this one has nothing going for it
10 years ago
good game for the money.
real fun to play,cool magnets and crane.
the shaker is another plus....WOW it shakes!!! common comment fom new player with a smile!
10 years ago
simply the best Data East machine!!!
this pinball rocks throught the floor with a sub added ,real fun to play and good shots to be made.
10 years ago
something missing.....sounds and artwork great!
simply boring to play and no fun at all.