Rediscovering Pinball as an adult

By Magicmike0

February 20, 2013

9 years ago

I am a 36-year-old who is just rediscovering how fun pinball is. I remember playing the Adams family, X-Files, and the twilight zone when I was younger. I forgot all about how fun pinball was until I started playing pinball FX 2 on my Xbox 360, And then it clicked, I am a pinhead. Once I got the fever from playing a videogame I quickly started looking for any kind of pinball machine that I could find. I had to own one, because that would just be so cool to have one in my house. Little did I know that all you crazy pinheads own at least one probably if not several. I think that's awesome, with pinball being such an expensive hobby I am happy for any of you guys who own more than one machine. I currently have a 1977 star explore home edition that I am getting rid of,and I am still awaiting my first real machine. I will be making a small 3 Hour drive next weekend to pick up my first true arcade pinball, Swords of Fury :-) I can't wait!!!

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9 years ago

Welcome to pinside. A pin really shines in a mancave. It's just so cool buying these pins and bringing them back from the dead, just for the fun of playing them and reliving childhood memories!

9 years ago

THANKS for the welcoming. I agree 100% with your comment. I only hope I learn quick how to take care of it. I watch a lot of YouTube and see some great work people have done, but don't know the first thing about shopping a pin. The SOF I'm picking up looks to be in great shape,but I want it to be in top condition like how some of you guys do yours. :)

9 years ago

Swords of fury a nice #1 - best of luck Magicmike0

9 years ago

Seems like the video versions of pinball is awakening the sleeping addiction in alot of people these days! Swords of Fury is a good choice, you'll love the play and the look of the pin.

9 years ago

You have THREE Swords of Fury? Lucky.

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