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4 years ago
I just got done refurbishing mine. What an amazing machine. I know it is the best game I have ever owned. So many different shots. Very challenging.
5 years ago
Never had a chance to put any time on this machine before. I came into playing this with zero expectations or notions.
I fell in love with it!!!
Started off with cpu code 1.02. Had a few games on it. It was good. Upgraded to 3.02. WOW What a difference!!!! Smoother feeling. callouts and music really make it awesome!!
I have twenty machines . Not everything I fall in love with. Challenging. I want to play it over and over.
7 years ago
I have over a hundred and fifty plays so far. This game is brutally fun, Very hard and challenging. You can't just master it in a handful of games.
Needs more GI
8 years ago
Kill the orcs
9 years ago
Totally different than anything else I have played. A lot of stop and go. Very interactive. Its fun. peter gunn theme music is cool. Just different. a little more cerebral than most pins in the rule set
9 years ago
one game has to be perfect to compare all others to it. this is the one
9 years ago
best ever
9 years ago
9 years ago
I love this machine. I may be biased, but I played the crap out of it in college. Had to own one. I do. Its never leaving!