Re-Entry to Pinball

By Madcat2020

March 31, 2020

55 days ago

Due to recent Virus situation I've got time to refurbish two older machines that have been sitting in the back of the barn for decades. I've always loved pinball. My Dad and Uncle and I  would play when I was a kid. Started w A nickel machine at the local airport diner. No experience repairing machines but I'm a farmer/handyman who like reading schematics and can handles tools and electrical devices. I'm hoping this group can provide advice to a rookie who aspires to restore my machines. 

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45 days ago
Go to and read Clay’s EM guide, twice. Go through everything, learn each mechanism. Divide and conquer, split work into 3rds. Head, playfield, bottom board. Do head and bottom board first. You can verify proper operation without the playfield installed (reset, score reels, scoring). Then playfield, replace all possible topside plastic if Gottlieb, Start with Bank a Ball, fewer parts to clean and adjust. Good luck and enjoy.....
40 days ago
Those are two great games to restore and play. There is lots of good information on the net about EM game repair and restoration. You should have the schematic for each game and please replace all the bulbs with #47 or if money is no object, SMD (surface mount diodes, a version of LEDs) warm white best emulates incandescent bulbs. But for home use, #47 are just fine. For authenticity use white rubber rings, the black ones on the BaB are just wrong IMHO.
Good luck. A thorough cleaning is the best place to start.

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