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63 days ago
Most classic pins are slow in comparison with modern machines. That is not the case with Seawitch. It plays fast and requires some skill. The playfield is unique and definitely not a fan layout. More of a figure 8 (if such a thing exists). It is a drop target game with flow that just happens to have a spinner too. The sound of crashing waves is super cool and a very special feature in my opinion. One if the top 3 classic Sterns for sure.
1 year ago
This is one of Gottlieb’s greatest pins. This and Haunted House are what all lower playfields should be. It is hard to find one working 100% but when you do it is outstanding. A very unique and fun pin.
1 year ago
I think this is the worst of the 90s Bally games. Sometimes everything just falls into place and you get a classic. Sadly this great theme missed the mark.
1 year ago
It is a Star Wars pinball. My only issue with the original pin was the art package. That has been corrected on the comic version. The art really pops now. This is a hard game with deep rules. If you want to be a better pinballer play Star Wars. It will "force" you to be better.
1 year ago
Elvira is good and it will become great with time. The early code limits the total experience but that will change soon. Let’s set the record straight - This game was made for the fans. It isn’t going to have a wide appeal like a Star Wars or Jurassic Park. Anyone that is bashing the design team is crazy. The people on this project are the same folks that did Scared Stiff and the Party Monsters. It is most likely the best team in pinball. Those two other titles are firmly planted on the top 100 list and this one will be as well. Pinball is known for its art. There are multiple books documenting all the great pinball art out there. I always get mad when the pinball companies get lazy and go with photographs on the backglass, playfield or plastics. It is easy and cheap. Real pinball art is the backbone of pinball and this game is covered in it head to toe. The shots are super smooth and there are a ton of them. I’m not a big fan of Stern pins but I love Bally. This game plays like a Bally. It even has a subway which is unheard of on Stern titles.
1 year ago
The best of the System 80(s) in my opinion. 8 flippers and 3 levels. This game is tough and I like tough. Speech is over rate. This title is fine with plain old music and sound effects.
1 year ago
This is one of the few modern day Stern titles I actually like. Usually the Stern games are kind of on the easy side and I find myself getting bored before my game is over. I have walked away from many Stern titles after matching or getting a free replay. That is not the case with Tron. The rules, flow and theme seem to work good in this title.
1 year ago
This game is darn hard and I love it for that. New pinball players will likely hate it but that is what I like most about it - a true challenge. I own this machine and still can’t come close to completing it. I have over a dozen hand picked games in my collection and I find myself playing this one the most. I also like the fact that it is a very unique game. No pop bumpers and the player controls the diverters.
2 years ago
This is one of a hand full of games that can be called the best of the best. As with all pins, the table needs to be in good operating order to be fairly judged. I feel a lot of the classic titles are moving down the top 100 list because new players can't find good examples to play. Trust me, TZ deserves the top spot.
2 years ago
This is a darn good Stern game but it can’t be placed over the classic 90s Williams and Bally titles. I’m not sure why Stern is spending so much time on music themed pins. It is a good effort but the theme is turning me off a little.
3 years ago
In my opinion, Scared Stiff is the best 2 flipper game ever built. The only downside I see is the factory took out a lot of the gimmicks when it went into production. Play a machine that has all the missing stuff added back in and you are in pinball heaven. Combine that with the adult mode and you can't go wrong.