God Bless John Wayne and pinball!

By machinewbie

June 08, 2022

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21 days ago

In the mid 70's, my dad found a pinball machine and brought it home. A 1963 Gottlieb "Flying Chariots". It was a little rough. As a teenager I learned basic electronics and electro-mechanics. It was played and enjoyed by my family and all the neighbors and friends who came by. After us kids moved out, the pin sat for 10 years or so and then it was moved out to the barn where it sat for almost 30 years. My wife and I remodeled our house and began to AIRBNB it. In the remodeling, a spot opened up by the staircase that was a perfect spot for a pinball machine. We picked up the pinball machine, and I spent a couple of months going through it.Clay Harrell's website --  http://www.pinrepair.com/em saved me soo much time in troubleshooting and repair. I Hi-tapped it, put it on freeplay, installed an on/off switch. put hot coils on the flippers and the pop bumpers. Put a playfield protector from --  https://www.playfield-protectors.com. I highly recommend this product. It looks like a brand new board, smoother play than ever thought possible. And it should keep it looking great for a long time!!

We began hitting arcades to check out a possible addition to the AIRBNB. After much looking, it was down to a Godzilla Premium or a Stranger Things Premium. Liked the play on both. Both had innovations that helped them stand out. We wound up finding a good deal on a ST Pro. Didn't get the projector, which seems really cool. Put Pin Stadium lights with the UV option (WOW LOOKS GOOD). Put side panels on the inside, also installed a playfield protector. Wow it plays fast. 

IT is cool to see the technological advances from the old Gottlieb to the new Stern. Having worked in hi-tech all my life, Stern has done a great job of incorporating the tech, the story immersion, and the play into something that has legs!

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19 days ago

Nice article. I enjoyed reading it, but what does it have to do with John Wayne? I was expecting some Cactus Canyon reference or some other means of connecting the Duke to pinball.

13 days ago

Actually, not really sure where the JW came from. I think I saw a bumper sticker with "God bless John Wayne" slogan and it stuck!

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