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72 days ago
The game play, code and call outs are among the best ever done on a pinball machine. The artwork captures the Slivra theme perfectly. Without a doubt the best two flipper game out there in my opinion.
5 months ago
Early Rating with Code Version .70. I have Hugh hopes that this will be an absolutely outstanding game.
8 months ago
This game plays a bit slower than a Stern game, but is very very smooth shooter. While not overloaded with Toys and Mechs it does make good use of the ones it has. I wasn't sure about the playfield tablet but it was integrated into the game very well. The Duke Kaboom shot while looking somewhat simplistic is surprisedly satisfying. I was worried about the game based on comments from other Pinsiders, but in my opinion the game certainly met expectations. The topper while not interactive with game play is a very nice addition.
1 year ago
This is my 4th NIB Stern Pinball machine. My others being Jurassic Park, Munsters and Mandolorian. While I absolutely love the T-Rex in Juarssic Park and the theme of the Munsters. Godzilla has really upped the ante. The Building Mechanism is probably the neatest and most elaborate I have seen in a pinball machine. Don't get me wrong the ball eating T-Rex is right up there but the building and the roof top Ball Lock along with the multiple pathways through there building are something else. Jurassic Park is a deep rule set game and extremely difficult. Godzilla, while also having a substantial ruleset (even at code level .81) just seems more intuitive and a bit easier to advance upping the fun factor significantly for the causal player. As in Jurassic Park a shaker motor is a must have upgrade. I'm sure improved speakers would make Blue Oyster Cult's Godzilla really rock on the machine. This one is about as close to a 10 as you can get. The Art is a personal preference thing, but the mechanisms "toys", assert integration and music are about as goos as it gets, Note while the Premium and LE are pricey, in my opinion they're worth every penny. Don't get me wrong the Pro is a wonder game, but the Premium/LE are on a whole other level.
1 year ago
A fun game with a number of relatively challenging shots. There is a propensity for the ball to go straight down the middle on a few of the shots with can build some frustration. The upper play field is ridiculously hard and yet you want to keep returning to try and do better. The child (Baby Yoda) and Razor Crest are great looking toys although there is nothing but the force magnet in front of the child and the Razor Crest Paddle which from a mech standpoint feels a little weak. Still the game is fun and even if you don’t go deep into the rules its fun for a novice or occasion shooter but deep enough for a high level player. Overall an excellent game.
2 years ago
The ball eating TRex is by far one of the best toy/gimmick ever put in an pinball machine. Literally every single person that has seen and/or played the game absolutely LOVES the TRex. The rule set is deep and basically impossible for a casual player to explore or even get very far. Although this could be a be negative the fact is this game is FUN for the casual player. One feeding of the TRex followed by the roar and the shaking of game by the "options;" but virtually required shaker motor and they're inevitably hooked regardless how complicated the rules or even how far they progress through the park. If you are going to install one thing I recommend the shaker motor its overall impact on the game cannot be overstated. The amber shooter knob looks amazing and the Goat Mania Mode addition by the topper makes it worth the extra expense. Overall one of the best pinball games. It has some negatives such as the limited amount of licensed assets but that is overcome by actual play of the game.

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