Project Haunted House, lower playfield wireboard

By Mach1

April 24, 2021

20 days ago

I thought it would be a good idea to start with the lower playfield to test and learn before making the main playfield. Starting with printing out the layout and test the scale with the plastics to make sure it is as accurate as possible. Since I don't have a game to take measurements from and I'm building it from scratch I need to figure out ways to work around it.

The scale seemed okay so then I cut a plywood board to size and glued the printout on to it, drilled the holes, yes I know that it would not be necessary but I wanted to make sure I could try everything on for fit.

Next step, to fit all the mechanics, diode boards and switches in place, planning how to route the wires and put nails/screws to hold the wires in place during wiring.

Following the original schematics and color-codes on the wires I made a wire coloring device, a block of wood drilled so I can use pencils with different colors and pull the wire through and it gets colored, (I nicked the idea from very simple but so useful and it works pretty good. =)

I started with the wires for the strobes and then worked my way to the switches, continuing with the solenoids and finally the controlled lamps. One wireboard for all the wires.

Wire by wire, checking the schematics and ticking off every wire and labeling them, the wireboard was getting more and more crowded. I can tell you that I've search the internet for good photos to compare with during building on the wireboard.

Finally all wires were done and I could start strapping them together with cable straps and cut them to length and add the connectors.

If you have a sharp eye you can see that there is a kicker missing and the switches for it, still waiting for my parcel from Best of Pinball to arrive so I can attach and connect those last parts, but besides that the lower playfield is done and ready to be transferred to the real lower playfield.

Next part will be about making the wireboard for the main playfield, that's what I'm working on at the moment.

Until then, take care and thank you for reading.

Story photos

F0FB8E2D-077F-44AE-8A34-531D7C9224DC (resized).jpeg
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A8F36E60-9445-46E5-8CFD-EC797AAC951F (resized).jpeg
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