Project Haunted House

By Mach1

April 18, 2021

26 days ago

Years ago I bought the upper playfield from a Gottlieb Haunted House from eBay. It has been just in storage until the end of the last year when I was unpacking and sorting stuff and found this piece and I got this crazy idea that I should build a Haunted House pinball from scratch, at least I got the upper playfield, how hard can it be?

My background is repairing pinball machines so I'm not entirely unfamiliar with how it works. So I started to look for game specific parts and what I can't find I will make my self, so far I found most of the critical parts.

So, what I will write about here is how the project is moving forward, my plan is to try and finish before the end of the year, yes it's an optimistic plan but hey, you need to have goal.

So here we go, from the start:

Getting parts, not the easiest bit since I want it to be as much as the original as possible.

I tried to find a five target drop target assembly for the lower playfield but it seemed impossible so the closest one was a ten target drop target assy. 

Well, take it apart and cut it in half, buy the five target reset arm and trigger shaft and the put it all back together, and tada, a five drop target assembly.

Most mechanical parts were old, dirty and needed a lot of love but after some cleaning and fixing they startet to look nice and ready to be put on the wireboard.

Yes, the wireboard. I will get back to that in next next part of this story.

Story photos

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423FC1B1-6183-422A-86E9-AB0C8088CEC0 (resized).jpeg
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21 days ago

Pretty impressed by your 10-target to 5-target conversion. That takes some serious machining skill...

20 days ago

Thank you @Markharris2000
It was actually much easier then I had expected.

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