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45 days ago
Cactus Canyon is that game that is just fun and easy to understand. The theme is amazing for me and doesn't take an encyclopedia to understand the ruleset. The optional backglass is gorgeous. The game isn't as easy as some say but all depends how you set it up. Definitely my favourite B/W game just ahead of AFM. Enjoy Pilgrims!
2 years ago
Unbelievably fun game, with great artwork, a unique layout, animations are amazing, great game to rock out to with an amazing theme. Get yourself plenty of Jack Daniels or Jim Beam to drink with it as you are rocking out to an amazing pinball experience.
2 years ago
Great fun game, with plenty of toys and family friendly.
4 years ago
Such a fun game with great callouts and variety of play. Music is great, artwork is beautiful and code is awesome as usual...its Lyman :)
5 years ago
Great fun game.
6 years ago
Fun, fast and an adrenaline rush. Playfield is gorgeous, callouts are magic and sound is unbelievable. If you love a fun and fast game that is funny and appeals to most this is one to play. Absolutely love it!
6 years ago
Art and play field is beautiful, callouts are humorous and is a game that everyone can play, without having to have a PHD to know the rules.
It has the right amount of toys to ensure its still plays fast and the trolls really add a nice touch. If you get a chance to play one I'm sure you'll enjoy it.
Just wish the sound was better and lights were brighter.
6 years ago
Played this for the first time last weekend, and was the only pin I kept wanting to play again and again. Loved the callouts and unique toys. Somthing different to what I'm used to and I loved it. Hopefully can own one if they re-make it.
7 years ago
Being a cricket lover, I absolutely love this one. The back glass is awesome and the c'mon Aussie c'mon tune at the end is great. For a bit of variety in a lineup this is great! Not many around but if you see one have a game and you'll be surprised.
7 years ago
This game (LE) has just got better and better with each code release and is progressively turning into one of the best Sterns of recent times and I absolutely love it. The artwork is as good as any machine i have seen on a cabinet, and Catwoman is puuur-fect! Would have been nice if it had a glass back glass but still looks great. Playing wise the ramps are nice, crane is fun, bat-turn is cool, and Shame multi-ball is cool. Will be awesome once finished.
7 years ago
Although Metallica isn't my favourite music, I have to admit this is in my top 2 games that I enjoy playing. It's fun layout keeps my coming back to play it more and more, and callouts are the best on any my opinion. Absolutely think the coding is awesome and even the whole family enjoy it. Allows you to tone down the adult language content ....or crank it up if you can. A classic in my eyes and a machine that Stern nailed. If you love a fast flowing game with great callouts that fun you'll enjoy it!
7 years ago
Is a great family game with more toys than any other game i've played. The LCD screen is awesome but is slower than most pins. If you want a great family pin that is probably the best looking pin made, this is for you.
8 years ago
Awesome game especially if you love AC/DC. My first pin that i wanted to buy (ACDC LE) and love it. There's plenty of rules to keep you entertained for ages and lots of toys to keep the whole family wanting a go :)
8 years ago
Played this one and absolutely loved it, but I'm a big GOT fan. Loved the dragon and different houses, very cool.

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