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5 years ago
A good machine completely ruined by childish, horrible looking aesthetics. The game is also very easy, which detracts a lot on lastability. Fun for a few games, but way overrated.
7 years ago
Beautiful with a fantastic gameplay. Unique, magic with a subtly chemical touch, classy, rare, splendid. Simple, perfect game. Among the very very best ever created. Its incredible how Zaccaria managed to condense in this machine the very essence of pinball. Replay factor: 100/100. Also the sounds: usually pins from this era have dreadful and annoying sounds ( enjoyable only because of nostalgia) but in Farfalla really those eerie drony sounds create a beautiful feeling, I would not change them even with the best modern movie soundtrack. I really L-O-V-E it.
7 years ago
This is the most beautiful machine ever created. Period. The backglass with blue leds is just unbelievable, its a real contemporary piece of art itself. You have to see it to believe it. The music and calls are perfect, entirely capturing the fascinating, adult, mean spirit of the early computer era. Its such a deep, strong experience playing this machine. 90' and later machines, especially if based on licensed movies, pales in comparision. It looks like pinball machines were made for adults in the early ss era, and then the age target dropped to early teenage. Or actually the taste of pinball players dropped dramatically! Set it up properly and steep and its great fun: fast to play, great for some quick games with that amazing early Bally feel.
7 years ago
Gameplay is fun in the VERY beginning, but it gets quickly old and repetitive. Didnt last much in my collection, sold long ago and not missing at all. Why is this title so popular? Maybe people enjoyed a few plays in the game room, but once you own it you are quickly going to be disappointed.
7 years ago
Really nice machine, unusual scoring but excellent for the theme (very well implemented). Not a hard, challenging game, but very good for guests, and parties.
7 years ago
Overall fun game with an excellent theme implementation.
8 years ago
This game is terrific, faster than light. A true player. I am always shocked when I read comments about the movie. Who cares?? Actually, I am not a fan at all of big commercial Hollywood titles, so the fact the movie is forgotten adds to the darkness of the title. The implementation of the cyberpunk theme is actually great, the pin executes it perfectly. The music also fits very well. The variety of shots, in its almost open playfield, is great: basically there are 9 shots, including the important standup targets in the bottom left and right. Rules are very detailed and you can play the game in many different ways. I find the glove as a great toy, it adds interesting strategy to the game, and its nice to take a breath from the very fast paced gameplay. Most importantly in my opinion is the replay factor: you always want to go for another game. Usually I dont care for the video mode, but this one is really fun and difficult. Set the machine up properly and get ready pinball at its best.
8 years ago
What a huge surprise this game was for me! It is one of the most fascinating machines, with huge charm. I seriously love this game totally. The music is the BEST ever made for a pinball machine (together with Swords of Fury - both music by Brian Schmidt), it's pure magic. The light show is also terrific, together with the unique dual general illumination. Most importantly, the game play is fast and exciting, in typical System 11 style and it's a true blast. I am surprised how people keep overlooking those gems: as usual, it's needed to play a machine in good conditions and properly set up. I also started the hobby considering only '90 dmds machines, but now I understand that some late '80 machines are even better and better suited for adult players.
A VERY underrated, spectacular machine.
8 years ago
This is a true disaster. The worst pinball in history. Forget the 3d animation (boring as hell), good sound quality, fun quotes (who cares????). Stay far far away from this turd. Even worst than RFM (also terrific turd).
8 years ago
I love machines with good music: this is excellent. Still you get bored of it.
Unfortunately the gameplay is crap, really bad. The miniplayfield is fun, but gets old very quickly.
This machine has a nice atmosphere and excellent music, but thats all about it. Its the game that lasted the least in my collection, I got hooked because of the music and theme, the retro nostalgia, but I have to admit its among the worst pinball games I have ever played. A disaster.
8 years ago
This is the worst pinball experience ever, together with the other P2K (I love all pinball in general, and always try to appreciate the positive side of each machine). I know the story behind it, I saw the fascinating documentary about the interesting story about its creation, I know that Pin2K was the last shot by B/W, etc etc... But those are words. Playing this game is plain boring. Although the 3D technology looks cool at first, in reality that is what really kills the game (this is why I gave 1/6 to animations). Basically after VERY few games it's very repetitive and boring looking at the same animations over and over again. With a DMD you barely see the animations, and that's good: you just see some fractions of them, imagining the rest of the adventure). Playing pinball is about technical skills, but it's also an imaginary voyage in We imagine in our own way that dungeon, or that space mission, or that superhHere everything is revealed, but it's always the same, the same, the same, over and over again.
Music is not bad (excellent sound quality), but it is also too pompous and gets boring very quickly, and often has a childish vibe that really makes things worst.
I think this machine could only have room in a pinball museum (for the aforementioned historical reasons) or can be suitable for children.
Total disappointment: hated it after three days, sold it within a week.
8 years ago
Beautiful machine, but after the initial great impression it gets old quick. I thought I would have love it before playing it, but finally quite disappointing.
8 years ago
This is the perfect pinball machine... for beginners. Ok, also for the average player. But not for serious players: the game is quite easy and it has extremely long ball time, something I really do not appreciate. The medieval theme has a lot of appeal, and overall it is a well accomplished machine. But there are better games out there - quite a few actually. Very over valued.
8 years ago
Amazing game, the perfect pinball machine in my opinion. Not ultra complicated rules, but each mode hard to master and addictive. The theme is amazing as well as the implementation. Who cares about the movie?? Music is simply amazing, as well as the sound quality (cant believe not many people stressed this aspect enough). The gothic art nuveau style is greatly implemented in the artwork, and the infamous backglass is really not that bad at all once you see it in person an lit up: my score for the backglass is 5/6 because Aurich's alternate version is superb and the score is an average between the original and the alternate. But where The Shadow excel is gameplay: fast, furious, hard without being frustating, and very long lasting, with extremely satisfactory shots. I am an super happy owner of this game, and it's not going anywhere. Ever.
8 years ago
Very tough pinball machine, simple but with the x factor. BSD is really targeted towards an adult audience, as well as the movie by Francis Ford Coppola. It is almost frightening really playing this pin alone at night. The gameplay is just fantastic: very simple things to do, but it's making adrenaline running and always keeps you on your toes. And, the most important thing to me, it has terrific lastability. This is its magic: it's simple, but never gets old. Overall, this pin excel in two very different aspects: it's amazing to play and it's also very fascinating. One of the very best ever.
Edit 2021: after six years owning and playing this game, as well as many others, I confirm: this is one of the very best game ever. Simple but very adrenaline and difficult. And the most important thing: usually I get bored of a pinball machine over (more or less) time, even the top rated. But BSD is THE keeper, it will never leave. I said it long ago, its still here and will never go.
8 years ago
Timeless masterpiece. Stop and go, the best at that. I enjoy moving from flow to stop'n'go pins, so TZ is a must in any small or large lineup.

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