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3 months ago
Like a lot of people I've followed the P3 but wasn't impressed enough with Lexy Lightspeed or the other less traditional pinball modules to invest in one. But Heist tipped the scales. The game is amazing, and is up there with the best pinballs ever made in my book. It's certainly the most innovative, by far, while retaining the soul of traditional pinball.

I don't put much importance on a licensed theme versus one that is well integrated and immersive. Heist may be the best integration ever of an unlicensed theme: there is an engaging storyline and every character has a unique personality that is brought to life though the artwork, numerous call-outs and animations.

At the end of the day though, it's all about playfeild design and rules for me. I can't think of a smoother fan layout, and while there may be a few machines like JM that are faster, Heist gives them a run for the money. Every shot is important to the game and well balanced within the rules. The three loops, two outside and one inside, are lightening fast and can be hard to control. The ramps are relatively easy to backhand or combo and the geometry is so well designed that the ball seems to be pulled over them. The up the middle u-turn/spinner shots are also extremely satisfying. Plus every shot has multiple states. My one complaint is that action in the pop-bumper area is weak even with sensitive switches. The rules are also outstanding. Every mode has a unique, humorous personality, and there are plenty of strategies to advance or go for score. Unlike most games today, you have to work hard to qualify the two main muliballs (Crane & Police) which I prefer, and the Jailbreak and Heist multi-balls are unique and add a lot of risk-reward strategy. This is a tough game that requires better than average flipper skills on factory settings, but the out-lanes are easy to close down and you can tailor the mode timers and other settings.

The machine is extremely well engineered and built. It likely has the highest cost BOM in the industry. There is a learning curve to get comfortable with exchanging modules and working on things but it all falls into place if you are mechanically inclined and know your way around a traditional pinball. My Heist module was a relatively early build and had some bugs but Gerry and TJ quickly addressed everything. There is no better service and warranty in pinball.

I also bought the Lexy Lightspeed module and while the playfield design, theme integration and animations are not at the same level of Heist, it's an excellent game in its own right. Top 50 IMO. The platform is just too different to quickly grasp and appreciate playing a few times in a loud show hall.

With Stern and JJP LE prices basically at $10k the P3 is no longer "expensive" versus the competition. It doesn't hold its value as well due to the smaller buyer pool, but this is more than offset by the prospect of new modules at half the price of a Stern pro.

If you're a serious player or collector with decent skills and want something more than the formula Sterns, then I wouldn't hesitate now to go for the P3.
10 months ago
Owned the game for about a year and feel it's worthy of being a top 20 +/- pin based on rules and theme integration - BUT the playfield layout is well below average. The turntable takes up a ton of real estate with minimum return and causes ball hang-ups, and the rest of the playfield is uninspired. The left loop can also be very clunky machine-to-machine, and the machine (cabinet in particular) feels cheaply made even vs. other modern Sterns. For me a great playfield layout can cover a number of sins but not vice-versa.
1 year ago
I've owned POTC for a few weeks now and put on over 100 plays so feel qualified to rate.

I usually ignore talk of new games being the GOAT but POTC has a strong case. The game is fantastic in so many ways. I didn't pay much attention when it was introduced since JJP's first 3 games didn't last in my collection, but took another look when some long-time pinsiders and podcasters I respect started to sing its praises. The ratings for most new games get pumped up by a lot of relatively new collectors, but if you read POTC's ratings they are different.

It's a wide-body but fast and smooth. The shots are a perfect mix of repeatable, challenging and risk-reward - and all very satisfying. For a first time designer to lay-out a playfield with so many unique shots with no duds or clunkers is pretty amazing. There is no bash toy, thankfully, but the upper playfield is amazing. How can a canyon shooting across the playfield from a pirate ship and blowing up a British Interceptor not be one of the best toys ever. The stock chest is disappointing, but the open-close mod available turns it into another great toy. Whirlpool ramps are nothing new but this one is at another level with different states and cool ball movement.

I was skeptical about basing the rules around scenes and characters, but after owning, they are excellent - tons of variety and lastability but approachable and immersive. I also own an IMDN LE and it has an outstanding playfield and rules (some of the best ever) but POTC is a notch or two up.

The art isn't excellent but is attractive and works with the design. It would be nice to have a couple more supporting voices and some humorous call-outs but what's there is very good and hopefully future updates will only improve.

The game is too finicky, especially for someone not comfortable working on machines, but is well worth the effort to dial-in. Before owning, I would have bet that JJP would make more if the demand was there, but am not sure now considering the complex, difficult to build/maintain design.

This really is the best that pinball currently has to offer in my opinion. It's been a long time since I've been so excited about a machine.
1 year ago
I didn’t appreciate how great JD was until playing an excellent example in a home environment. The playfield layout, rules, theme integration and art are all unique and exceptional. Trudeau’s reputation is badly stained, but he was one of the most inventive, gutsy designers ever, and this is arguably his best work. Deserves to be part of the “Super Pin” line-up. It would likely be much higher ranked if the theme was more popular and it was more forgiving to lackluster maintenance/set-up.
1 year ago
Took me awhile to take note of this game, spend some time on it at shows and finally add it to the collection after 6 years in the hobby and owning most top 20 machines. It definitely has some of the best theme integration and speech in pinball and is just outright hysterical. After owning most newer Sterns and many classic B/W's, I appreciate the inventive playfield layout - which works unlike some other games that try different shots but end up being clunky. The palyfield can seem unbalanced with all the easier shots to the center/garage and right side, but I like the challenge and last-ability offered by the left side. There are very few games like TSPP that can be loved by both the casual and highly skilled player. With NIB prices continuing to rise, TSPP is a bargain at $5-6k. Along with LOTR, Stern was making some amazing machines even in the "dark ages of pinball."
5 years ago
I'm not one to pump ratings but his machine is grossly under rated. It deserves to be a top 50 machine and maybe higher. Setting aside the theme, if you are looking for a challenging, fast, fun game with a different layout then Mustang is a great choice and a bargain. Unlike Avengers were Gomez tried to be different and missed the mark (and I'm not an Avengers hater), Mustang's layout is unique and really works. There are no clunky shots and the geometry is clean. None of the shots, including the drops, are death traps, but you need to be in control because the ball just moves so fast and has some different bounces.

Like many, the theme has no appeal to me, but I picked up a heavily modded pro with custom music in a larger trade. Thought I'd flip it but have been thoroughly surprised. I played it on location a few times, but like most new Sterns it's hard to judge without putting in some time on a clean machine were you can hear the sounds. The modes, speech and cabinet art are actually very good and you can easily change the music. The playfield art is uninspired. The rules may not be extremely deep, but they are on par with plenty of highly rated Sterns and certainly won't get old quick.

I can see why this is a popular tournament game. If a challenging, fun game is your first priority, then you should take a hard look at Mustang. Other than art preference, the LE and Premium don't have much over the Pro which is only around $4k.
5 years ago
I've owned the game for about a month before rating. This is an extremely tough machine, but similar to IM you just have to play one more game.

You're not going to have 20 minute average games unless you're a high level tournament type. The game is extremely fast and some of the shots are too unpredictable and unavoidable to consistently have high scores. It's not OK to just hit the ghost bank and door, you have to hit them just right or the ball is out of control. And you have to shoot the right VUK for a number of modes and the kick-out is hard to control. If that wasn't enough the geometry of the slings with additional rubbers above each creates plenty of horizontal movement. All of this makes the game a great choice for a home collection.

I love the theme, and unlike popular opinion, like the playfield and backglass artwork. And with the recent code updates, the sounds and speech are outstanding.

It can be frustrating at first but after you learn the shots you can get deeper into the rules and it becomes very satisfying. So I'd take the rating from anyone that hasn't played the machine a good bit with a grain-of-salt.

The build construction is also a big plus. The quality of the decals and powder coat are as good as you can get - much better than a Stern premium and comparable to an LE. The sound system and DMD are also top-notch.

There are some cons that are not surprising for the first pin from a small company. Scratches are more visible with the dark colored playfield. The thickness of the playfield seems thinner, which by itself is not a problem, but the fasteners are shorter and I've had some parts come loose. The ball trough is finicky and can be a PITA if out of adjustment (believe they could not use BW or Stern designs due to IP concerns). The code still has some bugs but Ben is fixing. The white LEDs are basic and you should plan on spending extra to color match the inserts which makes a huge difference.

Overall, I'm extremely happy with the game. There may be some resales early on from buyers who get frustrated with the difficulty, but I think over time it's going to be stashed away in most collections.
5 years ago
The shots, rules and toys are very good, but I think it's really the theme integration that makes it a top 10 game. Even though AFM and MM are similar designs, the themes and fun factor are so strong I wouldn't hesitate to own both.
6 years ago
The rules (Lyman) have turned this into a great game. I think the general playfield design is good but has some well documented, annoying aspects like the huge/vision blocking hammer, PITA snake rejects, and equally PITA captive ball failing to register. You can overlook these flaws though due to the outstanding art package, sparky, extremely satisfying metal ramps and creative rules. Sparky brings a ton of humor to the game but also makes the game pretty random. Unlike some other bash toys he's dangerous and unavoidable. Borg did the same thing with the TWD prison and Monger which subtracts some points in my opinion. I'll enjoy it for a year or two but it won't be a keeper. Mainly because it centers too much on Sparky Multiball as a way of getting to coffin Multiball and CIU modes where the real fun starts. I'm also not a real Metallica fan so it has no emotional appeal to me.
6 years ago
This is my favorite of JOP's games. The rules aren't deep compared to today's standards, but it's hard to find fault with any aspect of this machine. He's working on his new "masterpiece" but I'm skeptical that he can beat the high bar set with TOTAN.
6 years ago
I'm fine with fan layouts but this one does't work for me. Probably because the shots are so far back, and Wolverine is in your face. The callouts are also annoying. The rules, theme integration and cosmetics are good, and the whirling balls on the magnet is cool. I'm sure it's a fun pin in the home environment but there are several new and older Sterns that I think are much better including TF which also has plenty of fans and detractors..
6 years ago
I've played an LE about a dozen times so this is only my first impression. The play field design seems average to me. The long ramps feel like SS and are satisfying. The toys look nice but are a let down when it comes to interaction.. The Well Walker is sized right and is not really in the way like Wolverine. Seems more like the Hammer in METLE. I think the dots, music and LE cosmetics are great. And the mirrored back glass is fantastic. The call outs are fine but the voicework is lame. For a fan of the show the theme integration is a real disappointment. There's enough here that it's already a fun, challenging pin. But for me, it will ultimately come down to Lyman and the rules. They are only decent now but will likely end up making this a very good machine.

Edit: With the updated rules, I bought an LE and it's excellent. It's unique and with proper set-up the playfield design issues are far outweighed by the challenge and outstanding rules.
6 years ago
There is nothing really special about TF other than it's a lot of fun and that's what matters most.

The layout is straightforward and none of the shots are that difficult, but the modes and multi balls are very good. Even though the modes mainly involve shooting the same 6 shots, Gomez did a good job of creating different personalities for many of them with the sounds, animations and shot sequencing. The timing also creates urgency to try to complete a high but achievable number of shots to finish the mode. The modes can be worth a lot of points if you can complete them in a single try. The multi ball rules are great and challenging since you have to relight the shots by shooting Megatron or Optimus a number of times and to collect the super.

I actually like the Ironhide ramp. It's different and can be worth some decent points by lighting super spinner, pops and special. You can string together plenty of shots but the ramps are not fast and smooth if that's your priority - but they are not "clunky" either.

I think the playfield art is the weakest part of the pin. The colors are kinda dull and it's hard to really see the different transformers given the small size and bad resolution. The toys look fine but they don't do much and I struggle with using $10 Hasbro toys on an expensive pin. The Megatron cannon is cool though with rapid firing that creates a frenzy.at the start of both multi balls.

Overall, the pin is a lot of fun and has plenty of depth for a home environment. The mini wizard mode is a challenge but achievable and the final wizard mode is out of reach for most players unless the stars align on a special game. For the current price of $4.5k for an LE, I think it's a great deal.
6 years ago
Hard to find fault with the overall design and theme integration. I just don't have that much fun playing it at shows, on location or even PInball Arcade. The out lane drains are part of the reason. It would probably be more fun for me in the home with practice. The theme also seems dated even though I grew up watching the show the next gen doesn't have the same nostalgia as the original. No doubt it's a top 25 or so game, especially if you love the theme and machines requiring accurate shot making.
6 years ago
I've owned a Hulk LE for a few weeks and have played over 100 games so feel ready to rate it. My game was a late number LE had all the fixes done by Stern or the previous owner. If I paid NIB price and had to deal with all the fixes then I'd rate it pretty low also. But once the machine is good to go then it's a fun, challenging game that deserves to be ranked much higher. The fixable quality issues and difficulty are at the core of the lower ratings. I really like the playfield design. The BW ramp and two level HAwkeye/ Loki ramp are great shots, and Hulk is one of the best toys ever. The ball hang ups with Hulk aren't too bad with the latest code and no worse than the pop bumper hang up with STLE. The BW and IM shots are too tight but I enjoy getting pushed to improve my aiming skills. The way the ball comes down from the loops to the sling rubbers will also improve your nudging skills. You need perfect aim or be willing to nudge a lot to get into this game. The art and sounds are great with a lot of fun call outs especially from Loki and Hulk. The 6 ball Hulk MB is a blast and the Loki MB is very challenging since you have to hit specific shots in order twice. At around $5k for an LE, I think this is a great value if the theme and difficulty fit your tastes. It's definitely not a pin that can be accurately rated playing a handful of times on route.

EDIT: I'm an average player and was doing OK on factory settings with high scores of 80-125M. Normally I feel like its "cheating" to move a game to "easy" but went ahead and gave it a try on AV. It's much easier to advance in the game and definitely increases the fun for a typical player. The easy setting on AV still feels like factory on most games. I think if Stern had addressed the quality issues upfront and made the factory settings easier this game would have a much better reputation and ratings.
6 years ago
Hard to find fault other than I don't get the corn in the martians. Straightforward flow and rules combined but good variety and depth. For me, it's a tie with MM with the next best B/W game a few steps back. Hard to imagine another machine receiving a higher fun rating. Hopefully someday we will see another wave of original, ingenious games like this.
6 years ago
I've played MB occasionally but never spent any real time on it until recently when I found one in excellent condition on location. Would have to put it in my top 10 due to the variety of shots and modes and overall package, but the rules and difficulty seem too easy for a small collection unless it's for the family. I'm not a particularly good player and was able to complete the wizard mode after a few goes. For me, the theme, art and depth are neck-and-neck with Scared Stiff
7 years ago
I've had a Luci edition for about 2 months and am still learning about the rules. It's everything advertised - fast, flow, fun, deep and absolutely brutel if you don't have excellent aim and control. The play is strong enough to overlook the artwork on the standard premium but I think the Luci edition is one of the nicest looking art packages ever.
7 years ago
I've only played TM a few dozen times on location, and can see how it may not be deep enough to hold up in a small home collection. But the overall theme and play are excellent. It's in my top 10, and would be the first Popadiuk pin I'd buy.
7 years ago
I like TZ a lot better than TAF in theme and play. It's hard to find fault with anything about the design, and it's probably the best pin ever executed. But it's not my favorite pin from a fun standpoint. I prefer AFM and MM for overall fun and the newer Stern games for speed and a rush. But TZ is my favorite game for a slower style of play and will always be part of the collection.
7 years ago
I have to agree with many of the comments that this is an excellent machine in a large collection or for family and friends that are not heavy players. They did a remarkable job of integrating the theme, artwork, toys and sound in a beautiful machine. But I found the gameplay repetitive going for crate and coffin multiball then the wizard mode. This doesn't mean it is an easy game for intermediate players to put up a big score. The wizard mode is easy to get to but challenging to beat, and lighting everything on the spider wheel would be tough unless that is your main goal. There are just too many other more challenging games out there if that is what you are looking for and don't have a bunch of room or money. This ended up being the first game I sold in my 6 pin collection when I needed to make room for a faster game that would keep me coming back again and again. I thought my wife would give me a hard time about Elvira's assets and the innuendo - but no, she only gave me a hard time when I sold it.
7 years ago
The movie leaves a lot to be desired but Gomez did a fantastic job making the most of it and designing a great machine. I like the glove and matrix design. It does slow down the game but it's a welcome break and isn't that different than the lock timing in some other top games. I'm a new player but it does seem like the throwing spike awards of spinner millions and hold bonus along with getting to power down are the keys to a high score. But you have to work for all of them. The multiball is fun but typically doesn't put up big points for me. I've played a number of higher rated games and for me this is the top bang for the buck pin so far. I wouldn't put one in my living room but the game play and cool cyberpunk theme far out way looking at Keanu.
7 years ago
I've been into the hobby for less than a year after growing up playing mainly in the 70s and 80's. TS is my forth game along with TZ, SS and JM. The best recommendation I can give is that it would be the last to leave. Even though I'm a beginner, the game is addictive and is great for developing skills. It's certainly not a good pick for the casual player or family. It's hard to find fault with the layout. Every shot is well thought and challenging. The game definitely keeps up the intensity with distinct modes and great call outs. My only complaint is it's a pain to get set up just right. My game was in good shape when purchased but still required various tweaks and fixes. Be prepared to spend some time working on the machine but for me it's satisfying to get a great game playing as intended.