Mid Life Crisis

By luckycreature

February 23, 2018

4 years ago

I don't remember the first pinball machine I played as a kid. But i do remember after Ice Hockey practice throwing quarters into Funhouse, Whilrwind and the other Williams games on rotation at the Ice House in Cary, NC. Video games would come and go but the pinball lights and sounds would always draw me in.
My college years lined up with the slow down of pinball being manufactured and i remember years later finding out about what Stern was doing. Found a Simpsons Pinball Party pretty early on and enjoyed playing it even if it didnt feel exactly like pinball as I remembered it.

I turn 40 in august and I was either going to buy a used Porsche or my first pinball machine. Think my wife would prefer the pinball machine so now the hunt is on.

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4 years ago

Looking to get a Simpsons Pinball Party as my first pin, wish I pulled the trigger last year when I came across one. A pinball will hold its value a bit better than a Porsche.

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