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1 year ago
Recently acquired this and I'm loving it. Makes me feel like I'm 13 again. Tons of shots and great layout. I'm biased because this is a game from my youth that blew us all away when it first came out.
2 years ago
first pin i ever owned. let it go last year after 15 years so i could get started on
saving money for a gotg pro. I put alt translite , leds, mirror blades on mine and it really
looked good. game play was fun and upper playfield is awesome except for when you do
a shop job and have to take that thing out. what a pain! enjoyed it while i had it and was
a good pin for me and my kids when they were younger.
2 years ago
owned this for 10 months and really enjoyed it but when i decided to buy another pin
i had to sell one because of space issues so this went. miss it already. lot of fun with the
layout and bases with my rotowheel working correctly and all the chimes was alot of fun
and good art for the theme on playfield and backglass. fun pin.
2 years ago
have had this for about 6 months. if it is dialed in and ball walker works good without rebounds or hangups it
is a lot of fun to shoot. love the spinners . sounds are cool and robotic voice is perfect for this
theme. probably my favorite pin that i play the most at home. getting the multiball is tough
to get but satisfying when you do. definitely a keeper for me. ive come to find out i enjoy the
early ss pins the most. didnt think that would be the case when i got back into hobby but a pleasant
2 years ago
just picked this up a few weeks ago. after dialing it in and putting some games on it i have to
say its really growing on me. love the art and ripping the spinners is always satisfying. its a real
throwback to when i was playing pinball at 13 years old before the arcade craze hit and pulled me
away from pins like this. right now it seems like a keeper for me. my playfield is decent with mylar
applied over lower center of playfield. backglass is all kinds of cool. good companion to my stern f2k.
now i just need a black knight to get my williams representative.
3 years ago
First Pinball I remember playing when I was a wee lad. Loved it then. Just purchased a very nice solid example of one from fellow pinsider and it's been a blast playing again. Love the theme and the spinners. Just a great old EM that has always appealed to me. Little big man was one of my favorite movies when I was younger and this pin fits in the same vein. New rubbers and a good waxing and some leds and this machine rocks. This machine is a keeper for me.