My Pinball Story

My Pinball Story

By Lovef2k

March 11, 2019

7 days ago

Being a teenager in the early 80's, I hung out at the local arcades when ever I could. Playing early 80's pinball and video games was my favorite pass time. In my early 40's I was lucky enough to have a house large enough to keep several pins and I bought my first game in 2008, F2K. I remembered how much fun that game was in my youth so I searched and found one quickly. After a few days of playing, it started to give me trouble and when I hit the internet to search how to fix it, a new world opened up and I soon learned how popular pinball was and how much info was avaliable. After a while I realized that I liked fixing them as much as playing. A year later I was doing my first restore, Xenon. Since then, I restored 7 more games including 2 F2K's, 3 '81 EBD's, Flash Gordon, and Bally Star Trek. I restore them to collector quality and have sold them to well known collectors in the hobby. I plan to keep doing them as long as I can. Stay tuned!

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