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LouMatt has written 13 rating comments:

6 years ago
Great game, great use of the theme. If you are not familiar with the Doctor though, I could imagine it would be quite confusing.
7 years ago
This game is one that gets no respect. I like the art work on it, and some of the shots can be challenging to make, but the game needs to be set up to be challenging. People new into pinball really like the gopher and the game itself.
7 years ago
Gorgar is a classic. First one to speak for Williams so you have to cut it some slack in that department. The artwork is awesome, the magnet is cool at the top. The drop targets are great. A very good game.
7 years ago
This is a great game. It has some very cool features for it's time. The backbox animation for the shot to the center of the glass is cool. The lights dim on just about everything, then the laser shoots and explodes in the center of the glass. Then the lights slowly fade back up. More games should have had a feature like that. The two flippers on the right back to back, with one on the left next to an outlane is an interesting feature as well, as it keeps you thinking on the best way to handle the ball in the game. I hope more people get to play this game and get to see what might have been, if this game had actually been released to a wide audience.
8 years ago
Stands the test of time, great game
8 years ago
Great game, love the loop. Funny seeing SR in the backglass. Very entertaining and fast. Shifter launch is cool as well.
8 years ago
Great game, lots of things going on, very fun.
8 years ago
Fun game to play. Love the flipper placement and the artwork/ theme
8 years ago
Great game. One of my favorites to play. Gotta love the sounds and toys.
8 years ago
This game is always fun. Someday I will own one.
8 years ago
Good game. I think they could have used EL lights and other things to maybe enhance the game a bit more. I expected more from this game, but it is one of the best ones of late.

Updated - this game has grown on me over the years...
8 years ago
A great game. The art work is awesome. Always fun to play.
8 years ago
It's a fun game. Kids love to play it. It's also a tough game. The high scores don't change very often on them.