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19 days ago
Game is very clunky. Video mode is worth too much. Some of the shots are nearly impossible to make on the one that I played. Honestly, in a home environment it might not be as bad, but the one I played on location was clean and appeared to be in good shape but was just not fun.
4 months ago
Overall, the game looks great. I want to be clear, this is a home model. It does not feel or play like a commercial model. Then why all the 8's and 9's ratings? Because they are mostly from owners of the game. Mostly from lesser experienced pinball players and collectors. When rating a game like this, you must compare it to everything else that is out there. You shouldn't give it a 9.5 and then say "it's great, for a home model".

The game is very loud. When one slingshot fires, they both fire simultaneously. Same exact thing for the pop bumpers. I suppose that, plus the fact that the cabinet and playfield are MDF instead of plywood contribute to this.

When you put your hands on this game and play it, it will feel different. It is very light. There are large gaps between the siderails and the lockdown bar. The siderails are plastic. If you pull on them they will come up from the cabinet.

The gameplay is OK. The rules are very simple compared to the average Stern. This is a home game that doesn't really compare well to a commercial game from Stern, or any other manufacturer.
5 months ago
Simple but so much fun! One of the best spinner rips in pinball. Get the Super Slam by putting both balls back into the saucers during multiball, then choose the 1 million points! Game has a unique bonus where you get the Hangtime Bonus at the end of each ball and the Basket bonus only after ball 3. Music and call outs are iconic. Street Level does not equate to bad game. This game is awesome! Too bad they didn't make enough of them.
1 year ago
People like to bash this game for having an open playfield. The open playfield design is what makes this game shoot so good! The ramps and orbits flow like butter. The rules are very good. If you like a stop and go type game(think Pat Lawler, TZ, Funhouse, etc.) you may not like this game. But if you like fast and furious games with great shots(think Steve Ritchie, Star Trek, AC/DC, etc) then you will love this game.
1 year ago
Led Zep pro is fast and fun. The shots flow very well and combos are available at almost every shot. The majority of the shots can be backhanded. The rules at this time are good but still need more to be considered great (v.93). The music is so awesome. It fits pinball very well. Update: V.95 is out and added a mini-wizard mode and the final wizard mode. Rating adjusted accordingly.
4 years ago
I bought a non-working Lightning and basically restored it. This game just might be a keeper. The rules are very good for a game designed in 1981. Up to 3 ball multiball. A spinner that lights for 1000 but it's just a single shot, then it must be re-lit by shooting the horseshoe. During MB, shoot the horseshoe to advance the playfield x up to 4x. When you drain back to single ball play the playfield x remains. This means you can light the spinner and rip it for 4k/spin! The bonus meltdown is incredible. I've only ever maxed out the bonus at 99k times 5x once out of hundreds of games. This game is fast and will kick your butt.

The speech is awesome on this game. I believe it has over 30 words in that glorious 1980's robotic voice! "Begin the journey, warrior one"! I find the artwork extremely interesting too.

People who reviewed this game and said that the entire objective of the game is to try to keep the ball on the upper playfield have no idea how to play this game.
6 years ago
Monster Bash is a good looking game with decent rules. The humor is the best thing about it. The game just isn't fun to play. Very repetitive. The wizard mode and mini wizard modes are too easy to get to. The outlanes can be quite brutal. I recently adjusted my rating after playing several examples for dozens of plays. It's just not fun for me.
7 years ago
I rated this with code V.93. I will re-evaluate with newer code at a later date. The game play and shots are quite good!
8 years ago
This is a fast and fun game. I think many players find it too difficult, hence the lower ratings. The "Mick on a stick" is a great interactive feature that is well thought out and tends to move exactly where you need to shoot at any given time. You have to time your shots around the movement of Mick. There are some great multiballs in this game. The music is good, but it is too bad they were unable to use more Rolling Stones classic hits in the game.
8 years ago
A very unusual game, both in gameplay and artwork. The artwork has caused this game to get the nick-name of "Acid Trip Snail". You have to see it to believe it! This game was made when pinball was suffering to the video game craze so only about 600 were made. The gameplay is super unique. There are 5 rollover lanes at the top that can be steered with the right flipper. When you achieve "snail time" you get a timed mode with a continuous ball saver. The goal during that time is to plunge the top rollovers, let the ball drain, and plunge the rollovers again. You continue to do this until snail time is up. Really different, and quite fun!
8 years ago
This is my all time favorite EM. It is featured in many tournaments run by PAPA. This is a short flipper game. Warning: Tilt ends game! So very light nudging is a must. You need to plunge all three top lanes to light the only pop bumper for 100 points. Any yellow arrow shots are worth 300 points and they are the key to the game. The top two sides of the large triangle in the middle are slingshots. Very judicious nudging needs to be used with these slings. There is no better sound in any EM than the 3 bong, bong, bongs you get for every 300 point target you hit. Good scores are in the 6000 to 10,000 point range. This game is very addictive!
8 years ago
This is a nice short flipper EM. Two spinners advance lights around a "track" on the playfield. One lap around the track score one bonus. Bonus is 50 points per light. There are also 4 holes at the top that can score 50 points when lit. On 5 ball play, you automatically get 2x bonus on 4th ball, and 4x bonus on 5th ball. That means on ball 5, each bonus light is worth 200 points each, which is huge on this game. One of my favorite EM's.
8 years ago
This is one of the better EM's I have played. A great skill shot to an elevated rollover lane. This area also has a slingshot to put the ball back up towards this rollover. One bank of drop targets on the left and an awesome spinner on the right. A very unique layout for an EM of it's time.
8 years ago
Future Spa is a very good game, similar to Paragon. Early widebody at it's best. A really unique inlane/outlane configuration with an important gate on the left. This game is every bit as good as Paragon. It just doesn't get as much love due to the theme.
8 years ago
LOTR is my favorite game of all time! The multiballs are fantastic, call outs are some of the very best in pinball. The theme is so well integrated into the game play. If you liked the films, you will love this game!
8 years ago
Flow is great! Humor and Martians, great multiballs. A real players game. Loop passes are a blast!