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Lord_of_the_pins's ratings

Pinsider Lord_of_the_pins has rated 10 machines.

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Rating comments

Lord_of_the_pins has written 8 rating comments:

3 years ago
Played lots of games on this , very well balanced stacks up nicely amongst the top games of he 90s . Good flow and challenging at same time , good toys gimmicks and shots . Very similar to attack from mars but a little more of a challenge ,due to tighter shots .
3 years ago
This game is just like title says a lot of fun .lots of shots good flow Rudy's really cool . Love this game lots of fun !
3 years ago
This game is fast very good loops and orbits you can hit both ramps back to back .the game design is lot like a lot of Gomez game and probably why his designs are so popular lot of flow lots of speed .the glove is neat because it hasn't been done a hundred times and doesn't slow down gameplay any more than a video mode .in a game this fast a little slow down in pace sometimes is a nice break . Fun game . Don't be a zombie play pinball !
3 years ago
Wow this game is nuts and has a serious cool factor . If you like dark themes cursing and swearing and gore this has more than any other pin . If your against demons and hell themes this game is not for you!! I don't a lot about modes or anything like .this game rocks straight out of the box the bass is awesome .this is a super fast super brutal pin even for good players can be difficult and a challenge every time .very different than most pins that's a plus in my books .art work is everything it should be for rob zombie a must try pin .
3 years ago
This is a awesome game especially for a car enthusist .very cool toys with shaking and reving engine and drag race race up right side .very fast flowing playing game lots of ramps and orbits .can be a really fun game for good players or can be fairly challenging and frustrating .the the different races and video modes are neat .
3 years ago
X-men is a decent game with very good art work .great game for beginners and kids easy to get multi balls bashing wolverine and magneto .excellent light shows very nice play fields that play very smooth .sounds and call outs kinda weak .good game overall .
3 years ago
This is one of best newer pro model sterns in my opinion .very popular game that lots of people enjoy cool shots nice metal ramps good music art work and fast with good flow . Sparky shot is very cool and different .so many ways to mod this game .some of the coolest art !!
3 years ago
This game is great one of my favourites if not my favourite ! I believe this game is one of the best complete package art,gameplay variation ,rules are great and just plain fun ! Call outs never get old . Shots are neat and very different garage shot treehouse ramp cooling tower pops .over all great game that has lot of last ability .can be hard for beginners and long ball times for good players but such deep rules always something to do reverse flippers is a blast .flippers are little clacky but works good with theme . This game in good condition absolute keeper for me !