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3 months ago
I played Halloween and Ultraman several times on location. This review is for Halloween since it is the property I am most familiar with. This is not a game I would consider buying.

I think your feelings about this game depends on your feelings about upper playfields in general. The individual upper playfield or the combined upper playfields is not a Top 5 upper playfield. The gameplay on the main playfield is not particularly interesting, but I did like the hedge ball locks. The right ramp is steep, and we had a lot of balls not travel up all the way from a controlled shot. Each time the ball drained down the center, and my nudging skills weren’t good enough to regularly save the ball. The main playfield feels bare. While there are 3 lock shots on the left, and the three ramps, and a scoop there isn’t much to hit there. I didn’t think the shots on the main playfield are satisfying. The upper playfields seemed to play fairly well, but again, these do not play like JJP’s POTC.

I did not like the subways on this game. I think casual players will be very confused with the ball coming out of the inland by the slingshot. The people I played with are more casual and all had their balls saved one time (perhaps based on the operator’s settings, and then drained most every time thereafter. I do not like that design at all. Very frustrating.

I also was not particularly fond of the three clear drop targets on the main playfield. I’m not sure if it was the placement or simply that they were clear instead of decaled, but it doesn’t look particularly polished for the price of the game.

I think the cabinet art looks great, particularly the cabinet. I do not understand the blood drops and knives on the playfield, but aside from that, the art package is impressive.

I liked having the Halloween theme song playing. The light show was impressive, and the lights are not distracting. This game seems to be down all of the time at the location I go to. I’m not sure what that means, but I note it here.

Overall, i strongly prefer ACNC to Halloween.
3 years ago
I really enjoy this pin. The art and display are top notch. This is a very well integrated pin.

The playfield is alright, but it is a bit clunky. It is still above-average, but the shots themselves are a bit underwhelming.

The code is what makes this pin. It is super deep, and the minor villain modes are what I believe makes this code set a top 5 of all time. Lyman and Keith are the masters of code, and this one is no exception. The minor villain models really elevate this game. Additionally, the use of three seasons is innovative.

I really enjoy this machine, and believe it is one of Stern’s best. It may not have the layout of Metallica, but everything else is top notch.