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5 months ago
I recently got this so still on the honeymoon stage. Love it! Same basic game as Metallica with different rules (that I haven't completely learned, I'll be honest).

Right now just enjoying the music, theming, toys (Groot is great!). This game penalty deserves to be higher on the list.... I will probably update this review in 6 months or so ...
5 months ago
This is a fun game for sure but I have no clue why it's rated so high. For me attack from Mars is 5x the game, and I'd easily take 10+ games in the top 50 if not more over Monster bash.

Admittedly I've never owned it but my pinball bff has it, and even for him it's meh and one of his least played games.

If the choice is Monster bash or nothing, well of course take it but I'd easily take Deadpool, lots, Metallica, Guardians, Batman, walking dead, etc etc etc over MB. It shouldn't be rated as high as it is at all
5 months ago
It's no accident this game is usually a top rated game. It's just the epitome of what a game should be. Perfect theme integration. Easy rules to follow, yet very challenging. Progresses so well

I was very lucky to acquire one during the pandemic and it's quickly become my most played game and booked the floor.

If you are too own only one game, this is a good candidate. The remake is solidly constructed as well, with Chicago fixing some of the problems that plagued the original like plastic posts changed to metal.

If I have one complaint its the same music playing constantly. Although it's perfect with the theme. Truly a classic and maybe the goat (although for me its probably potc).

Kills Monster bash though, what a joke that game shouldn't be in the top 20
11 months ago
Please take a second and read all my comments. I think I scored it high but very fairly.

First off, I will start with the negative.

-The theme song. Can get so repetitive. You can turn this off luckily (it's an option in Adjustments!)

-The theme itself maybe? I've never been a huge turtles fan...always thought it was a bit of a dumb concept even though I grew up at exactly the right age that I maybe should have liked it a bit more

-Scoring - a bit hard to understand, and I still don't. I don't understand how I can hit something like the 1-2-3 Foot Combo in one shot and then my 7 year old daughter plays a random button mashing turn and outscores me. This NEEDS to be worked on in my opinion, and can be, but if this is dialed in a bit better, look out. It is by far the biggest problem in my opinion with this game, and it would be nice if some of this was fixed. You should get rewarded for making hard shots and combos, and currently you don't, really.

Now, the positive:

-FUN. I have literally since being in the hobby (a little under 3 years) have not had as much FUN on a machine as I have had on this one. It is an absolute blast playing Co-op or 2v2 (or another variation, 3v1!) with some friends over some beers and laughing at the others' inability to hit shots, or whatever. I'm sure there will be more Stern's and other pins that have a good co-op aspect to it, but right now this one is the best I've played.

-Shots. I've heard some people say the shots are bad. Uhhhh.... what??? Maybe it's too hard for you lol, but the shots are smooth if you're a decent player and hitting things like the 1-2-3 foot combo or Krang combo is as good as it gets and extremely satisfying. The shots are great!

-Music, Lighting, Theming. Yes, it's all very good!!! And I'm not a turtles fan, although I'm sure some people reading this will be like ya whatever, I really am not. But I am more of one now I'll tell you. They did a really good job with the episodes, animation, integration, lighting (fantastic lighting, actually) and the music is great - not distracting - fun techno ish vibe music. Doesn't distract like I said, fits nicely in the background and is never an annoyance. Again, you CAN TURN OFF THE ANNOYING TEENAGE MUTANT NINJA TURTLES SONG!!! The callouts are great and varied as well!!!!

-Depth. As of the current code (1.23 I think) there is TONS to do. Just, TONS. The Cowabunga Multi Ball is ever elusive (even with friends, although we've come oh so close!), the episodes have a great mix of shots, timed challenges, etc. It also has a mode like Jurassic's "Escape from Nublar", if you want to play the final showdown with Shredder. Fantastic! Add to the fact you have 4 Turtles with different perks, a bit of strategy can come into play especially in Co-Op, and the order you choose them. It's not Star Wars character wise, but I think this can be improved and really be something special! It would be nice too if the team up multiballs were a bit more... unique. Other than the starting animation, I'm not sure how they differ (but this is all really small things, it seriously has great depth and good friggin luck getting to the Cowabunga multiball!!!)

-Layout. I don't know, I love it. I've heard some people bitch about the layout or shots. I think it's great. Pinball is subjective.

-Speed and Difficulty. Not Walking Dead hard but harder then say, Guardians of The Galaxy would be a good example.. It's really fast.

Anyways if you've read this far I would imagine you are already interested in the game. It's great! Seriously. I bought it and after a week was like... I don't know... and had some good trade offers. After 2 weeks, the family and myself want this one to stay quite a while (my kids enjoy this game more than ANY I've ever had including Spider-Man, LOTR, Deadpool, Metallica, Game of Thrones, POTC, BM66 and a many others!!).

I don't understand the negativity some have, but I assume it's theme related or they don't like fast, challenging games.

Play it in a home setting, with FRIENDS AND BEERS(!!!) and you'll understand.

9/10. As good as any Stern I've played or owned. It's all about FUN, remember?
1 year ago
This game is very underrated. One of the best. Lots of replayability cause it's hard as hell, although the new code with the items helps (slightly, lol).

The Nightmare Castle itself is gorgeous, as nice as any toy in any game. Overall it should be a must own in any collection desiring a players pin. It will start with me for a long, long time.

Also it is not a rock pin in the traditional sense... Alice Cooper music plays only during Monster fights and the billion dollar baby wizard.

If I had one complaint, another multiball using all 4 would have been nice. I don't even know how you can ever have 4 balls in play, the most I've had in hundreds and hundreds of games is starting Frankenstein multiball during crypt multiball, which gives you 3 total. And that's stacking 2 multiballs!

I would love to know why they need 4 balls.... I guess it's a mystery of the castle!

The wizard mode also isn't great. I took the glass off to get to it lol.... This game is really an ass kicker. I was hoping the wizard mode would have been the 4 balls but nope it's a single player mode :/. After all the trouble getting there it would have been nice to have a 4 ball multi with like a 60 second ball drain lol.... Give you a little peace
1 year ago
I am surprised when I look at my rating score how much I like this game.

I traded with a friend for it and for a good week I was like "What have I done??"... but slowly it grew on me... the rules started to make sense, the minor villains and strategy started to come together....started to get great scores. And then I realized, damn, this one's really fun!

Make no mistake....I don't know if this is the type of game you could walk up to in an arcade and really have a fun time on. Takes practice, and the rules are quite deep. But after you get to know them, wow, it's quite fun.

Add to the fact that the theming is top notch, the playfield is sexy and the animations are fun too (surfing joker anyone?!?). There is lots to do as well - this game is very, very deep.

Anyways I could go on and on, but suffice to say while this one does have it's flaws....it feels like there should be *something* else.... it's actually really fun when you get to know her. I've heard people complain about the crane as a toy - I LOVE it! Unlike most game, here is a toy that actually changes game play.... hitting it certain ways causes drains, choosing when to deploy gadgets on it can affect strategy when also battling a minor villain with time running out.... etc, etc.

It's a great pin for a collection. TOP NOTCH! As a walk up to game though, I think I would be frustrated. It took me a good 50+ games to really start loving it.


Edit:. Almost a year later this is probably my favorite game. I sort of get tired of the dadadadadadada but at least when you're playing villains or in another mode the music changes.... I've played every game in the top 50 id take bm66 over most of them. Pinball is subjective though.... But this one is a huge hit with most of my friends who aren't into the hobby so that tells me something. This, mmre, and potc are the 3 pins I'll likely never part with.
1 year ago
I finally got to play the CE, and was just blown away. I mean even more blown away lol. Amazing game (like the LE), but even better art...and the ship in a bottle topper....drooooool. Dammit, I wish I could have bought this but the price point was just too high for me :/

I own an LE (I rated it similarly) and this I really think I rated it fair. I'm not a "JJP fanboy" as I'm not a huge fan of hobbit, wonka, or WOZ....this game is just really special.

You really need to put a few games in though. I will say this. Before I bought my LE someone told me "Pirates is so over-rated, it's a drain machine"...I couldn't disagree with this more. I literally have half hour games on mine at times. Yes, sure, sometimes you get unlucky and hit the "I" lane and can't nudge it and boom, you get a quickie, but most games are oh so satisfying. This pin will truly never leave my collection.

Let's see....

Game design - 6's across the board. I can't think of any other game with 27 shots that are all very hittable (they claim there's 27..... but I think with combinations a lot more, but 27 UNIQUE shots). Even the harder ones on the left side ("Special" and the Dead Man's Cove or whatever it's called) are both very hittable. The "free game" shot is my favorite free game shot in any game ever. I have mine cranked up to hard and if the ball so much as breathes on the bumpers it won't register. So satisfying.

Artwork - This is actually has the weakest category for me in the game - animation ("decent"). It's nothing special. The animations are few and far between actually - free ball, special, the ship blowing up when hit by cannon fire or taking damage, etc. It's not horrible by any means (and I'm glad it's not long / flow ruining like some games. *Cough* Jurassic Park. *Cough*) . The playfield of the CE with Davy Jones and the barnacle on the action button, great touches. The playfield is good with all shots illustrated well, and a ton of the characters.

Sounds and music - Excellent sound effects. Excellent Quality. Excellent Variation. I DO WISH THEY HAD MORE VOICE ACTORS THOUGH (5/6 because of this)....but what is there is really good. I never get annoyed by anything like on some games. The pirate-y jingles definitely fit the theme well.

Other Aspects - Weakest part is here. Theming. 4/6. They could have done a lot more to tie the game into the movies, but having said that it doesn't really detract from the amazing game it is. I wish there was a lot more videos of the movie, and as I mentioned above only having the one voice actor is a bit of a bummer. Imagine Johnny Depp instead?!?! I mean Gibbs is OK, but I'll take captain over the first mate any date. Game Lighting - 6/6 - when the game comes alive during multiballs and get more and more intense as you stack multiballs....just wow. Lastibility 6/6. Fun 6/6. I have 4 games in the basement now and I walk to this first.

This game will never leave my collection. It is also by far the favorite of my wife, daughter, and neighborhood friends who pop by for a beer and want to have a game. It's truly bolted to the floor and I have yet to play anything that even gives me close to the satisfaction of trying to beat my previous scores. The crazy thing is too, they could make the code even better.

I could go on and on and on.... a moving ship with a shooting cannon that actually shoots the ball across the table and registers hit / damage that you need to make to get the Black Pearl multiball, Liars Dice - the BEST video mode ever (I can't even think of a remotely close runner up) - gambling for free balls????? Unreal. I should mention too the rule set is really, really good for tweaks for home use as well - can make the game very easy with longer balls or very, very tough. There is also nudge opportunities to escape drains on BOTH sides of the table - this game has really brought my nudge game up...... Like I said.... I could go on and on....there's just so much here.

Summary: Greatest Of All Time.... It's just a masterpiece. I would take one of these over any other game in a second.
1 year ago
This is most definitely a VERY UNDERRATED player's pin. I feel bad for casual players who bought this because they liked the show, with no intention of reading the rules....over, and over again.

Once you get the rules down, boy oh boy, this sure is a fun one and should be much, much higher in the top 100 list in my humble opinion.


Code / Rules: It's very refreshing the sort of strategy that goes into so many decisions - which houses to fight and when, when to apply your house's powers', when to go for a multiball vs trying to complete another mode, etc, etc. Lots of fun little choices, and very cool that each house has very distinct rules and challenges going for them. The code on this is incredibly solid and fun.

Light show: Some really cool stuff going on here. Winter is coming with the back glass getting in on the light show fun makes this one really stand out from other games.

Playfield art: Really good! Matches the theme well.

Shots: Shoots really nicely and very smoothly. Every shot is very makeable, however you do need some skill. My wife just rockets it into the targets 3-4x in a row and gives up every game lol. She is the definitely of a casual player and hates this game.

Upper playfield: I don't get the people who think this takes away from the game. It literally adds about 30 shots if you consider all the combinations, and adds strategy in some modes. To me it's actually one of the better upper playfields I can think of.


-Animations: Fugly. Some of the WORST, and I mean WORST animations I can think of modern Stern games. Wow, this one could have been a classic had it been made a year later with better animations on a nice big TV screen. What a missed opportunity. It's too bad Stern doesn't do that stuff when they remake games as Vault games....not that this one probably sold enough to warrant that treatment, I digress though I have no idea.

-Call outs: The call outs are also really weak. If it's an actor I can't tell who. Apparently it's the hound for the male voices but I can't tell the female voice at all. The music is just OK with the theme playing over and over, and occasionally another song playing if you hit a mode or multiball.

The cabinet artwork (on the Prem at any rate, the one I have): I mean really, I guess it's not a huge thing as my games (and most people's) are in rows, but the fact that the bone guy (no clue what his name is), the Wildling with the bone face mask is on both the SIDE and the back glass, wow, they couldn't have put...like... the Starks / Lannisters there? You know, the people the show is actually about. One of the sides has bone face dude and a wildling woman I DO NOT recognize from the show, and I watched it pretty religiously. Maybe it's the woman who did the call outs....they were like we'll get her to do a 2-1. The other side is a wooly mammoth. Had I not known I probably never would have guessed that was Game of Thrones...it could have been a National Geographic pin for all I know. I'm not sure if "horrible" is appropriate, but it's certainly very disappointing.

-Light Show: This is also a con. The light show during Blackwater multiball is way too much (and probably other parts, I turned it down pretty quickly), unless maybe you are playing this at a rave on about 30 hits of LSD. It's not even choreographed really and I assume it is just meant to blind you / test to see if you are an epileptic. It's funny (sort of) that it has an epilepsy warning in several places. The good part about this is you CAN turn it down in the options. Thank god....out of the box it was actually a turn off and obnoxious.


-Toys: I *guess* the Iron throne is kind of cool and so is the dragon (I love when he flaps his wings and the lights and the machine shakes, nice choreography here) , but they are more like decorations and don't add anything to the game....although I suppose that's true of a lot of toys, maybe even most

Overall fun: 8.5/10

DESPITE the weak call outs, the animation flaws, the disaster cabinet art this one is REALLY fun. It's a breathe of fresh air to be honest... I would take it over quite a few Stern games of recent years, and if you have played it like I have and dismissed it pretty quick, do yourself a favor and learn the rules. It makes you think and is not just a "shoot red arrow here", "shoot blue arrow here" (although of course it has that lol).

What frustrates me the most about this pin is it wasn't made a year later - it would have been incredible if it got the big screen treatment (and better cabinet art!! It's terrible).
1 year ago
Are you kidding me??? How this game is not in 1st, 2nd, 3rd, 4th and 5th place on the top 100 is mind boggling. I would take this game as my #1 pin any day over any other pin. I bought it recently after never playing it and not only did it live up to the hype, it blew it out of the water like a 100 mph cannonball from the Black Pearl.

Even my wife loves it....

There is so much to do.... can I complain about that? So many things to shoot for, maybe the rules are a bit complicated to someone who walks up and wants to just play a game and not know the rules.... but for a home collection I could not imagine a better pin for LASTABILITY out there. Liar's Dice for Video Mode - so much fun and frustration!! (Bastard cheating computer!)

I've played a lot and there are so many good games out there. POC JJP is just in a different class.

The ONLY points deducted from this absolute beauty is because as good as it is, JJP looks like it has abandoned the code and there could actually be a TON added. That, and it's a bit on the can't-just-walk-up-without-knowing-it side.....which to me, is a whatever thing, cause I'm rating it as a purchase for HUO...but if you want to nit pick that's really about it.

I don't understand anyone not liking this game. It's what modern games should all compare themselves to. "It's good, but is it as good a POTC?"
1 year ago
First off, I bought (traded rather), this game full of mods, so I've never played the un-modded plain-Jane version....I don't think it would color my opinion that much, but wanted to state that off the get go...

Wow... what a fun, fun, homerun of a game. I can see how this is definitely a top 10 game. The theming is spot on, a nice variety of shots and despite what some people say it is challenging. Yes, the balls are long - but are you actually completing all the modes? Getting gift of elves after every mode? Valenor must not be a problem then!! ;)

If I was to nit pick at stuff I don't like I find the call outs are the same and repeat themselves often. The game I traded it for (Spiderman + Cash) has such a nice variety of comedic call outs by the great JK Simmonds, and I really miss this. I've had the game 3 days and I'm already kind of sick of the vanilla call outs.

Having said that, the theming is spot on - the modes are great - they make me remember the actual scenes in the movie that they refer to. Everything is great honestly, I can't think of something that really turns me off so much that I would say this isn't a great buy. Better than most games I've played by a wide margin!

A true classic!
1 year ago
I actually really like this one.. I'm a Metallica fan though so it's probably not a huge surprise. Went on a vacation recently and they had a Guardians pin in the hotel for a cool 25 tokens... Depending on how many tokens you bought as cheap as 20 cents!

Anyways about 70 Games in realized it's not quite Metallica but a great game nonetheless. I am GROOT multiball, nice. Quills playlist during play, great. Quill starting with a 2 ball multiball, awesome! Wish I could try the LE now!
2 years ago
I'm surprised this game is so low. I find it really fun and one of the better music games (nothing beats Metallica, of course!) If there's one thing that I guess sort of irritates me is its allllllways a long ball game. The very first time I played I won a free game....and then a free game off the free game....and then another free game... etc... I'm no pinball wizard either, it's just really hard to drain I guess (some would say that's a good thing!).

It deff lacks some challenge. I've only played on location too so not sure about the "rules" etc
2 years ago
This game is insane. Being in Canada and a smaller city in really kinda limited to the pins available.... I had played Metallica a few times (pro) and was like this is fun but I don't understand the top rating....I bought it after someone local put a minty huo limited up..... Well, after owning it I can honestly say this is close to the perfect pin. I see what the fuss is about.

First off, the light show is mind blowing. I can't think of another Stern (or pin for that matter, but I've only played JJP very limited) that is even close. 10/10 easily. It's just so great...

The multiballs for each item you need to collect is great. Stacking, fuel, all the modes... Wow just wow. If you want a challenging stern this is one of the best.

Sadly I'm not a huge fan of Metallica and may mod out the songs? I'd that a sin? I do have to admit it goes really well with the gameplay for the most part. Although blackened over unforgiven or sanitarium???? Sanitarium would have got so will with this pin. But that's a small complaint..... I totally forgot Ride the lightning and it's great that it blasts whenever I shock Sparky.

This one's great. I can't see myself getting tired of it for a long long time.
2 years ago
As usual, a brand new game comes out and immediately beats out many classics. This one at least has a bit of a claim (Keith Elwin fanboys pump it up no doubt). Of the new Sterns (say, since 2014) I would have a hard time naming one that is decisively better, especially in the standard edition. Deadpool would be the only one I could think of, and I haven't played Batman 66 so cant' comment on that.

I've already spent 100$ on this on site lol.. So I can't say it's not fun or addictive. I have a love-hate though already, but I think some of the issues are very fixable.

The really good:

The standard edition. I was really impressed. Looking at the premium, this one seems like it's probably "good enough", and is a rare instance where I'd stick with the pro.

The Good:

The shots. I really like most of the shots. Love how there's basically 4 ramp shots (2 on the right, and the left one has 2 access points). The skillshot at the beginning that stacks is great! The movie that's playing in the background as you play is OK too as it entertains my kids.... (not to be confused with the call out voice acting, talked about below)... although like anything I guess would get a bit repetitive....

The Not-So-Good:

The art / theme integration. Meh. Not my thing. It's like "fine", I guess, but nothing spectacular. Doesn't really tie into the movies that well.

Unclear what is going on. I read the rules multiple times, and like all stern games it has those convenient arrows....but still, wasn't sure what the better shots are, how to achieve multiball (some games I would get it in the first 2 shots of the game!!! and some games never at all).

Another thing that's really been annoying is triggering certain code immediately ends other modes. I was in the "Virus Attack" side quest, and hit a ramp THAT IT WAS TELLING ME TO HIT and it ended it immediately (literally on my first shot 3 seconds in) and it switched to Dino Chase or whatever it's called, and I missed all the points I could have got on Virus Attack. It's done this a few times in different situations, and I miss out on big points cause of shoddy code. Like other machines modes can stack, no?

Another piss off. Constantly it's telling me "4 seconds left!" where I had no idea I was in some kind of timed mode, or what's going on. I'll look at the playfields and it's not obvious as all what I have to hit in the next 4 seconds. This could really use some polish.

The Terrible:

IMO right now the callouts & voice acting (awful, awful, awful) is pretty damn bad. The game itself is pretty linear - you always have to do the same things to progress - I like games a bit more "sand box" like, if you catch my meaning. The callouts, videos are just so bad, I have to mention that again. I played probably 120 games and I was getting incredibly sick of hearing the same things all the time. I've owned spider-man for 6 months, played probably 2000 games, and I STILL get the odd new comment, as well as am not really annoyed by J Jonah's call outs, to compare.

All in all you could do a lot worse. And the code, voices, etc will probably greatly improve.

Edit: I'd probably give this game 8 or 8.5/10 but my combined scoring gives it 7. Take it for what it is but it's better than a 7 (I guess giving the music and sound 1's across the board didn't help matters)

Edit #2: I am surprised this game has the staying power it seems to.... it's just not really that great. Should be "top 50" but I would take TSPP, WD, TZ, Deadpool, LOTR, Iron Maiden (EASILY), Star Trek, Star Wars, etc. It just doesn't do it for me after the initial "new" shine wore off. The voice acting, the videos, the stop post that stops flow of game.... all just big turn offs. If you own it / love it, well I'm happy for you, I don't share your opinion. Also, Pinsiders who "flagged" this as "bogus" can eat a D lol. I've played this literally 50-100 times, I can definitely add my 2 cents. If you don't like it, IDC.
2 years ago
This game rocked! I grew up with one in my basement and miss it. I would get so excited when I heard.... Alllll divers ready for freefall....!!! Wish I could find one id but it in a second
2 years ago
This is another one I file under the "I don't get the popularity", albeit I haven't spent hours and hours on it. Probably played 20 games on the freebie night at my arcade. My thoughts: Like someone else mentioned the toys on this I find look cheap and uninspiring. Art and music are average. I would have thought this game was much older had I not looked it up and seen it was 2010. I don't find it all that fun. Also the machine I play on the magnet throws it straight down the middle probably 1/3 times - to me that's a non starter for something I want to pay for or own.

Although there are some pros for sure, I like the Iron man toy that rises (cheapness look aside it's cool when he comes up) in the middle, for instance, I just don't find it "excellent" by any means. There's some fun to be had but there's so many better stern titles from the same era imo.

I find it very average overall and don't get the hype at all
2 years ago
I really hope I can come back to Ghostbusters in time with some code fixes and other issues.... a gorgeous pin but just a mess of a game. There's a free pinball night at my local arcade and I must have tried this one 50-60x... and have yet to find an ounce of fun. It's pretty bad when you can play it for free and no one wants to. Of every game there this one is one that never has a queue....

Edit. I've played this one so many times now. I don't get it. Get how is a top game that is. One of the scoops shoots straight down the middle at least 1 of 2 times. Flippers way too short. I get "player pin" concept but this one is just too much.

There's also a crazy scream at one point (librarian I think) that you can hear from the washrooms in the arcade, with music blasting and no other sounds from any other machine audible. That alone (unless was an option to turn off) is a reason I'd never own this... 10x lounder than any other sounds in the game. I noticed it when I played it at a showroom a year ago too, there were salesmen working and I turned the volume to almost nothing and then that went off and everyone in the showroom stopped talking and looked at me. It was THAT loud...

Any high rating given here is from looks / theming alone. Which they did a great job on. This pin is just not fun. Maybe owning it and taking a copious amounts of Xanax?
2 years ago
This is a great game and deserves its spot... Unlike a few of the top ranked games here cause of new ness, Spidey stands the test of time! Definitely some things could have been better but it's now a 13 year old game, compared to its peers its solid. This game must have owned when it was released. Just ordered a color dmd, can't wait!
2 years ago
I must be missing something with this one. Just doesn't seem to be a while lot to do on the pro. A FEW shots, almost no toys... I don't get it. I love the music too (which I rated higher than the rest!!). Unlike acdc and Metallica, both games I adore, I just can't get into this one. At all. Maybe the LE but I've never played it
2 years ago
What can I say about Metallica that hasn't been said? Not much. Great pin, loads of fun. Pro might be better than the premium in my opinion, especially with the bell problems the premium is supposed to have. Love the band (some great songs are absent though), love the pin.... Fun for anyone at any skill level, I want this for home one day.

Electrocuting Sparky is such a great way to start a multi ball!

Artwork is meh not my thing, the only drawback. Wish there was a version that was a little dialed down.... Its just so busy everywhere.

Edit:. I bought a premium of this one and it's so epic. I'm not a huge Metallica fan even
2 years ago
This game is really fun great shots, what seems like just a huge board for some reason and tons to do with two giant talking heads! What more could you ask for??? . Would easily buy if there was one near me for a good price!!

Having said that I rated the sound category pretty low across the board as I find almost all of it repetitive and annoying. Another annoyance is the fairly linear gameplay... but hey it's an older game and was easy better than most games of the same timeframe.
2 years ago
Older game for sure but way fun. Fun shots... Would probably got old after a while but I've played it probably 50x and nowhere close to beating. Would be a great cheaper pickup. There's so many games rated above it that this game is better than!
2 years ago
How this game is in the top 25 let alone 100 is beyond me. Not much to shoot at - check. Magnet that stops a ball then drops it straight down without hope of save - check. Repetitive voices - check. Hard game for sure, I'll admit I don't know the rules nor want to learn them. I've played this game so many times as there's one near my work and I almost always end up rage quitting. I honestly can't think of one positive thing that would make me want to own this.
2 years ago
Looking for my first machine to buy I really wanted to like Star Wars as I'm such a huge fan of the movies. I just don't. I've read the rules (on the card) and find it confusing. In 40+ games I've probably had 2 multi all's (conversely, I played walking dead for the first time and got Multi balls the first, second and third game!!) The shots are ok, most aren't too difficult... But what really sends me into a rage is how many times the automatic ball shoot just drains right down the right side. I've had time and time again where it sends two in a row immediately down the right without any play. Disappointing.

EDIT: The above was my older review which was written after many games, but not knowing the rules. I have since learned the rules at the behest of one of my good friends who wouldn't shut up about how it's actually a good pin....turns out, he's right. I have had many awesome games since and some Jedi fun has definitely been had.... I enjoy the challenges / missions of the different players and some of the savoring strategies. To me is now an above average game, but I would still buy deadpool, Metallica, star trek, Maiden, acdc, batman 66, etc over it